Explore! are the adventure travel experts.

Since its launch in 1981 with just six tours in a four-page brochure, Explore has grown to offer more than 500 trips; from classic “discovery” group tours, solo traveler vacations and active family adventures, to walking holidays, bicycle tours and even self-guided options. Choose from over 120 countries and explore cultures, landscapes, wildlife and communities from Asia to Africa, from the Arctic to the Americas.

Why do people travel with Explore! over and over again?

1. Unforgettable experiences

On our trips you will see a mixture of famous places and hidden gems that others miss, or that they do not even know. As travelers, we want to experience a country, not just observe it. We will take you closer to the country, its culture and its people, often spontaneously, spontaneously, impossible to replicate. You will return home after having seen and experienced the country in a way that other travelers could never have had.

2. Expert local guides

If you book a guided tour, like one of our small group tours, your guide (or tour leader) will use your expert inside knowledge and local connections to make the most of unexpected opportunities. You may be invited to watch the sunrise from a lighthouse or join in on family Diwali celebrations. They will be available to ensure that your trip runs smoothly, taking care of logic. All of our tour leaders are carefully selected and trained by our experienced team to ensure consistent high standards.

3. Small groups and private trips.

The average size of our group is only 12; big enough to meet like-minded people, but small enough to get to the heart of a destination. All kinds of people travel on our trips; The groups are usually a mix of solos, couples and friends united by an adventurous spirit and a feeling of fun. You can call us for more information on the group already booked on a particular trip (age range, solo vs. couples, etc.). If you prefer a more private experience, we also offer self-guided tours or you can call us to see if we can take one of our small group tours as a private trip for a group you are organizing.

4. We do the right thing

The way a company treats customers in difficult times can differentiate them. Unlike other travel companies, we not only offered booking transfers and future credit vouchers for trips suspended during the coronavirus crisis, but also continued to offer refunds for trips suspended upon request. Our flexible booking policy means that customers can book with confidence as they always have.

We also continue to value personalized replay with a loyalty scheme and have no plans to eliminate that.

Finally, our commitment to sustainable travel means that travel is Gold Standard carbon offsets and we work hard to ensure we have a positive impact in the communities we visit.

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