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South Africa is perhaps the African country that travelers are most familiar with. Who hasn´t heard of Kruger National Park – one of the world´s best safari parks, Table Mountain, or The Garden Route and Western Cape with their lush vineyards that today export their excellent wines all over the world? Or the many national parks teeming with wildlife and birds, stunning Cape Town, Sun City with opulent resort hotels, the country´s excellent golf courses, museums and the list of attractions goes on and on in the rainbow nation that Nelson Mandela made his own. And it is still growing and evolving, a role model for the entire African continent.

Cheetah running, Acinonyx jubatus, South Africa on the rise

Cheetah running, Acinonyx jubatus, South Africa on the rise

Yes, it´s a long trip – but it´s worth the effort.

10 carefully selected travel adventures in Africa

This country has the strongest economy in Africa and an infrastructure that is second to none. It will appeal to the traveler who would like to get within a mule hair´s breadth of some of the world´s most fantastic creatures on safari without having to go” too native” – in other words, you can explore it all in comfort and safety, and afterward relax over a glass or two of some of the best wines the country has to offer, after a day out on the savannah packed with unforgettable experiences, or a long day conquering one of the country´s inviting golf courses.

It´s a long time ago since the country held its first democratic election that swept the then 75-year-old Nelson Mandela into power in 1994. It has come far.

A quick lesson in African geography

Let´s at least scratch the surface of South African geography. South Africa lies on the southern tip of the African continent, ringed by high mountain ranges, with the Indian Ocean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The country borders Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Swaziland. Africa´s most southerly point is called Cape Agulhas which lies in South Africa. Take a look at the map below.

The country and its tourism industry also have a great deal to offer in their own laid back fashion. Kruger National Park is naturally high on the list of things to do. Setting off in a jeep or Land Rover with an experienced and armed guard, this is where your adventure begins…

Durban Golf Course South Africa early morning

Durban Golf Course early morning

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South African Wine

Any wine lover who knows his grapes will nod in appreciation when South Africa comes up in conversation, for the country´s vineyards have it all – both reds and whites, from respectable table wines you can purchase in bulk to sublime
vintages that can compete with many of Europe´s finest. So when we say “Stellenbosch”, we guarantee you´ll say “South Africa”. We will also be writing more about wine tours to this land in the south.

Facts about South Africa:

Capital: Pretoria
Currency: South African Rand
Population: 55 million.

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