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Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with no fewer than 22 attractions on UNESCO´s World Heritage list. And that´s no mean feat.

And in Croatia, you´ll also find some of the most stunning coastlines in Europe, so why don´t we start there…

Croatia also has one of the most stunning coastlines in Europe!

There´s a lot of water in this country! Fabulous beaches, rugged cliffs and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. If you are into water activities, what more could you ask for? You can do pretty much any water-sport here: snorkel, dive, windsurf, water ski or just chill out in these beautiful surroundings.

And there is no shortage of yachts and motorboats along this coast either. It has been a well-established mecca for cruisers for many years now. Croatia is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday afloat, crewed if you wish. Distances are short between the many islands, cosy harbours and rugged bays. There are many well-established charter companies to choose from who will provide all you need, and even plan your route for you.

Ever fancied cruising?

Not on your own/chartered yacht, but on a cruise aboard one of the luxurious floating palaces that glide between the small islands of the Croatian archipelago. Again, there are many to choose from and many specialised agencies that can help you choose just the right cruise for you. As well as being super relaxing, it´s an excellent way to get to know the country while you chill out on board between ports, and explore the best sights on guided excursions in port. Not to mention the cuisine which is gourmet all the way – from street food to Croatian specialities. Not the worst way to spend a holiday!

Finally, to whet your appetite a little more in this brief introduction, we´d just like to add that this country also has the perfect rivers to kayak and canoe on – another way to see the country from a completely different angle.

Dubrovnik også kendt som Ragusa er en charmerende kroatisk by lige ud til Adriaterhavet. Byen er et af de mest populære byer at besøge i Kroatien og absolut seværdig og ligger i Dalmatien. Byen blev anlagt i det 7. århundrede og blev et vigtigt kulturcentrum og handelsområde i middelalderen. Mellem 1815 og 1919 var den under østrigsk herredømme.

Travel tips.  Don´t miss Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik, also known as Ragusa, is perhaps the most precious jewel of all the Croatian towns, a medieval, walled city perched on the Adriatic. Walk the walls and climb its towers for some amazing vistas over the city and sea that you will never forget. This charming Dalmatian city, with its cobblestones streets, chic boutiques and lively restaurant is one of the most-visited attractions in Croatia. Founded in the 7th. century, it became an important centre for commerce and cultural activities during the Middle Ages. From 1815 until 1919, it was under Austrian rule.

Brief facts about Croatia

The country lies on the NW corner of the Balkan Peninsula in Central Europe. For much of the 20th century, it was part of the former Yugoslavia, and after 1,000 years of turbulence, it gained its independence in 1992, finally becoming a member of the EU in 2013. As they say, “It is an ancient nation, but a very young state.” It covers an area of 56,542 sq. km., along the Dalmatian coast, and includes islands in the Adriatic, Slavonia, and part of the low plains of the former Yugoslavia. And before you ask…yes, those adorable Dalmatian dogs do come from Dalmatia in Croatia!

Capital: Zagreb
Currency: Croatian kuna

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