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Visit Sweden will help you with vital information on how to get the best out of your vacation in this great country. You will find tons of ideas of what to see and do in Sweden.

Tent and camping equipment on the Kungsleden trail in Sweden. The Kungsleden (

Sweden, the Nordic country with so much to experience

“Sweden is close enough to other parts of Scandinavia that it is easily accessible on a trip to this region, yet it has a distinctive character all of its own. An increasing number of fans of Swedish crime thrillers and TV series will recognize many of its unique features. There´s something very familiar about it. From Denmark, it´s just a hop across the water from Elsinore, or a trip across the famous Oresund Bridge (made famous in the series ”The Bridge”). Sweden has a lot to offer as a travel destination – everything from city breaks to wonderful scenery, buzzing cities or relaxing and affordable golf courses to yes, even the midnight sun in the far north. It´s time to learn more about this large, unspoiled country. It is only 4 kilometers from Elsinore in Denmark to Helsingborg in Sweden – parts of Sweden were actually Danish for over 800 years. The country has undergone ferocious wars between long, uninterrupted periods of peace.

Camping in Sweden, Dalarna

To give an idea of its size, it is more than 2,000 km. from Denmark to northern Sweden – roughly the same distance as that of Denmark to Rome.

The language is similar to Danish or Norwegian but has many of its own words which are quite unique and more difficult to guess. Its scenery has much in common with parts of Norway or Finland and is on a large-scale: mountainous and dramatic backdrops, rocky, indented coastlines, archipelagos with dozens of tiny islands, rolling farmland, deep, silent forests, and untouched areas of wilderness. And because of Sweden´s public right of access laws, you are able to explore a great deal of it.

In contrast to the rural peace and quiet, there is also a smorgasbord of charming old towns, buzzing modern metropolises, historical attractions, spa/wellness resorts, cultural and gastronomic experiences including the increasingly popular, New Nordic Cuisine based on local, natural and seasonal ingredients among other culinary experiences for you to try.”

Source: From our intro to Sweden

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