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Serbia is approaching the EU, new destination?

Serbia is a country in the Balkans in Southeast Europe.

Since the early 2000s, Serbia has also been on the way to admission to the EU: Admission negotiations are still taking place in 2022.

Previously, the country was an independent kingdom, subsequently a sub-republic of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, then part of Serbia and Montenegro, before becoming independent again.

Can you travel to Serbia?

Yes, you can. It is a very beautiful and mountainous country with beautiful rivers and beautiful old towns like Kotor.

The country is safe to travel in and has a good handle on Corona (2022). Has even voluntarily distributed vaccine to neighboring countries such as Croatia.

We are in the heart of the Balkans and the country is therefore surrounded by a number of exciting countries seen through Danish travel eyes; Croatia , Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro , Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.


Capital:  Belgrade
Largest city:  Belgrade
Population:  Approx. 7 million
Language:  Serbian
Area:  88,361 km2
Time difference:  None
Currency:  Dinar (RSD)

Who sells travel to Serbia

It does, among other things,

Albatros Travel


Vitus Travels

Risskov Travels

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