Europamundo, perfect moments always

Europamundo, perfect moments always

Your vacations are really important! Your trip should be a success: a few days that you can really enjoy. This is an opportunity for you to experience our wonderful planet accompanied by our extremely professional team. Choose the best journey for you! Europamundo is a company of the JTB group, the largest company of tourism and travel in Asia. JTB was founded over 100 years ago and has always been characterized by searching for excellence in the travel industry.

“Perfect moments always” is our motto and our commitment. In our buses, you can see the world: not only for the popular destinations but also by the people with whom you plan to visit. Europamundo has many other catalogs. In 2019 more than 140,000 people from 57 different countries travelled with Europamundo. Europamundo is the only coach tour operator company in the world affiliated to the UNWTO, a United Nations travel division agency. Our company was accepted as our mission, vision and values are aligned with those of the UN World Tourism Organization.

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