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Whether on land or at sea, luxury travel transcends the ordinary. From the comforts and pleasures of your accommodation to the extraordinary service and sumptuous cuisine, every detail is handled with care in white gloves. The challenge is finding which luxury cruise, resort, or land tour line is best for you and your lifestyle. Do you prefer formal luxury filtered into tradition or more informal sophistication? Whichever you choose, you will surely enjoy the experience, especially the privileged feeling that will remain with you, long after you have returned.

Understanding their topic is incredibly important to the True Luxury Travel team. They believe that this deep understanding of our bespoke destinations is the only way that they can deliver on their promise to create a truly bespoke experience for our traveling guests. To keep their specialized knowledge up-to-date, all members of the True Luxury Travel team travel to their destinations for at least one month of the year, reviewing our old favorites, inspecting new properties, meeting managers and guides. We attach great importance to experiences in each of their destinations, so activities, guided tours, restaurants and much more come with our personal recommendation.

Their goal is to create a perfect vacation experience for all of our guests. If you don’t want to get involved in thinking about logistics, hours and activity options when you’re on the go, they make sure every aspect and detail of your itinerary is taken care of from one point to the next. They work with excellent lodges, guides and local repairers in all our custom destinations. Therefore, you will always have someone local to turn to in case of any questions while you are away. However, they know that even through double and triple verification of all details, the situations in which you travel may be beyond our control: flight delays; the impact of the climate; Or simply your personal preference for making a change while on the road means there are reasons why you should contact the True Luxury Travel team. To address this, their office number is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the senior management team monitors this service and any email traffic at all times. If you are more comfortable with an alternative means of contacting your travel advisor or operations team, you can contact them via WhatsApp or iMessage for a faster and more personal approach. They offer as much flexibility as you need and they want to make sure you go on vacation with the confidence that their team of specialists supports you.

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