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Wales, an exciting country to visit

Wales is actually a country and part of the UK. With over 20000 m2 approx. it is a sizeable country. The country (Welsh: Cymru) is a large peninsula in south-west Britain and is one of the UK’s (The UK) main constituent countries, along with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 20.768 km² and in 2011 had a population of 3.063.456. The capital is Cardiff. In comparison, Denmark’s area is 42.924 km, and 2.221.000 km² including the Faroe Islands and Greenland. So approx. 1/2 of southern Denmark.

The four regions of Wales

North Wales is Welsh “to the bone”. It is a holiday region known to Englishmen, who believe in language and tradition, music and history. Here you will find magnificent castles, old fine railways still running and music festivals. The sometimes dramatic scenery offers an obvious adventure trip: waterfalls, mountains, the coast at Snowdonia with beaches with sand and rocks. It could also be a playground for those seeking adventure.

Wales lighthouse and amazing coastline

Wales lighthouse and amazing coastline

Wales 870 miles of coastline 2020, as we speak follow the link to our the Danish site and choose English translation :)

Mid (coming)

South (coming)

West (coming)

Tower Bridge England

Tower Bridge England

Visit the UK

The nation has been dependent on England since the 12th century. However, the Celtic character has been retained and has since the 19th century formed the basis for a national movement, Plaid Cymru, which in 1966 became a representative in Parliament.

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