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CIE Tours

Creating incredible memories for nearly a century, CIE Tours International has helped generations of guests experience the beauty and wonder of Europe, forge new friendships, and be welcomed home far away from their homes. Founded in 1932, our reputation for excellence is rooted in our signature Irish hospitality, the genuine warmth of our guides, and a talent for fostering lasting friendships on We are proud of our nine-decade history of providing excellence and value to our guests. Founded in Ireland, the company have long been the largest U.S. operator into Ireland and Scotland bringing our signature Irish hospitality to every itinerary.

Top-rated experiences

Each year, CIE Tours honors the hotels, attractions and experiences that get the highest ratings from our most discerning reviewers—32,000 Tours travelers. Our Awards of Excellence are presented in January to the winning companies—and you’ll find them featured in many of our itineraries.

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