Seattle, the dynamic city in the state of Washington

Seattle, the locomotive of the West

Seattle has much to offer including an awesome selection of restaurants (need we say fish and seafood, in general, is superb) and cafés. See what the New York Times experienced in only 3 days visit.

I first visited Seattle in the last century, already then an awesome city and outside as well: It was a joy to go the Pacific and visit Puget Sound, see whales, bald eagles, and so much pristine nature. That is also an integral part of the state fo Washington experience. Yes and it does rain a bit, but you move inside and enjoy a meal or a beer, and life is good.

From Asia to Washington State non-stop from 2019

Also, the west coast of the US is now moving “closer” to Asia, as Singapore Airlines opens direct west coast routes from Singapore in 2019, all about that in the link above.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900

Direct with Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900

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