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Travel to Finland to see Helsinki and some of the 187,888 islands

The most easterly region of the Nordic countries offers you the opportunity to enjoy some of the most unique outdoor experiences in the world coupled with some of Scandinavia´s most dynamic cities. The country´s some 340,000 sq. km. can be explored by car, by bike and yes, even from the comfort of a fur-lined reindeer sled! In addition, 10 percent of Finland is covered by water. There are 187,888 beautiful islands waiting to be explored by canoe or kayak, so if it solitude you are looking for, you´ll find it here. Saimaa Lake, one of several thousand lakes, is the fourth largest body of fresh water in Europe.

NIght scenery of the Old Town in Helsinki, Finland

Finland´s amazing nature

Finland´s nature and natural phenomenon make the country a unique destination. Take a trip to northern Lapland where the Northern Lights dance across the skies no less than 200 times a year. But you don´t have to go that far. You can also be lucky enough to see this stunning natural phenomenon right in the heart of the capital itself, in Helsinki, where it appears around 70 times a year. In the summer, Lapland is bathed in warm sunlight until midnight when it sets over the beautiful landscape – you can also experience daylight 24 hours a day during the 70 days a year when it never sets.

Visit Helsinki

But even if the great outdoors is your main destination, don´t miss the country´s capital, Helsinki, in the southern part of the country. It has a lot to offer – such as the historic old city quarter –Torikorttelit – three blocks of neoclassical architecture down by the harbor that buzzes with outdoor cafes, courtyard terraces and boutiques. Finnish design has become famous for its clean lines and Nordic minimalism. Visit Senate Square and the Marketplace just north and south of this lively neighborhood. No visit would be complete without a stop at one of Helsinki´s leading attractions- the Temppeliaukio Rock Church- excavated directly into the solid rock with a copper-lined dome. Its outstanding acoustics make it a popular concert venue right in the city center. Not to be missed.

Uspensky Cathedral in Helsinki. Finland.

Uspensky Cathedral in Helsinki. Finland.

See Lapland

No matter whether you travel to Lapland in the high north or south to the lively capital of Helsinki, you won´t be far from a sauna – it´s the Finnish national pastime! Pamper yourself and unwind in the warmth of one of the country´s 2 million saunas. It´s the perfect way to relax after a great day on the slopes at one of Finland´s 75 ski resorts.

Travel to Finland, the Nordic country with an adventure DNA

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