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A ski vacation for a week or so is very close to a national holiday in many countries, especially in Europe, but not exclusively. Whether near or far, millions of families and individuals travel each year to a skiing destination for the best vacation experience.

New ski vacation destinations show up all the time. From exotic Japan or South Korea to Argentina.

Here are some of the ski vacation destinations we cover at

With this alone, you can find many ski trip inspiration articles. They are all searchable and tagged as “Ski vacation”. A good tip is to search for “Austria” where you’ll find approx. 60 ski tips. Finally, see Travel Insurance on Ski Travel and Insurance, which may not sound very exciting, but is highly recommended when going on a holiday of such nature.

As this section of evolves, we’ll continue expanding our collection of links to ski vacation resorts and sports organizers.

The links in blue text below feature ski trip inspiration by country:

Outside of Europe:

USA skiresorts
Canada, skiresorts  (Whistler etc.)

Take care of yourself and others on your ski vacation

Austria’s tourist office provides this important advice, which ensures you peace of mind can go skiing:

Remember insurance on your ski vacation

It can be very expensive if you encounter an accident during a ski holiday without insurance coverage. In addition to liability insurance, it is also advisable to spend a little extra on accident insurance when you go skiing or snowboarding as it is considered an extreme sport in many places. Some insurance covers a single ski holiday, but there is a separate type of policy that can cover multiple trips. Others cover regular races on the piste, but not off-piste games, etc. You should, therefore, ensure that your insurance covers what you need.

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