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Lithuania is the southernmost of the three Baltic countries, including Estonia and Latvia, and was the first Soviet republic to declare its independence. Lithuania is one of the Baltic States, surrounded by the Baltic Sea in the west, Latvia in the north, Belarus in the east and Poland in the south-west. It is a quirky, beautiful, and affordable holiday destination. Geographically, it consists of a stretched coastline of sand dunes, smoothly rolling hills, vast valleys, and rivers. Overall, it’s a colorful country that offers a lot of history and culture.

Vilnius parks and recreation

Vilnius parks and recreation are surrounded by green spaces, and many parks and gardens can be found in the city or within easy walking distance. Verkiai Regional Park is a beautiful garden on the banks of the Neris River surrounding a complex of classic stately homes. Take your pick from several delightful country walks or take a bike ride to the idyllic Green Lakes. Bernardiny Sodas is a beautiful place to walk and relax along the beautiful Vilnia River just east of the Old Town.

Religious icons in Vilnius

Take time to enjoy the Baroque majesty of St Peter’s Church and St Paul’s Church in the capital, Vilnius, where you will discover over 2,000 sublime stucco figures. Admire the only existing portal in Vilnius, Dawn’s 600-year-old Gates, where you’ll find a Virgin Mary painting. A short walk from here, marvel at St Teresa’s Church’s pure white Gothic exquisite interior. The cathedral dates back to the 14th century, but was razed and rebuilt several times, and was recently restored in the late 18th-century classical style. Perhaps the finest Gothic building in the city is St Anne’s Church, a building of sinuous brickwork and fluting, with heel-like spires capturing the sky.

Hill of crosses, Lithuania

Hills of Crosses

The Hills of Crosses, portrayed in numerous art paintings, is, in fact, a hillock where there are about thousands of crosses. How the hill became a place to plant crosses is unclear. But the Hills of Crosses has been a place since early times where you can find crosses of all sizes and shapes.
Folk festivals
Different local festivals are held nationwide. Make sure you get a taste of how Lithuanians celebrate their festivals where food and colorful costumes are just two of Lithuania’s folk festivals’ sure things you’ll enjoy.
In Lithuania, there are many festivals and celebrations, and your visit is bound to coincide with one of their timely Druskininkai celebrations.


The best place to go during the summer is in Druskininkai, where there are abundant mineral streams and summer activities. It is said that the mineral streams in the site have curative characteristics. it is even thought of as a healthy place.

Marine walking pier in Palanga, Lithuania.


Palanga Botanical parks, seaside resorts, restaurants, and beaches are just a few of Palanga’s avenues. You can experience maximum enjoyment and pleasure here. There’s no limit to how much fun you can have in Palanga.

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Tiškevičiai_Palace ,_Palanga,_Lithuania. Now the famous Amber museum

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