Golf in Thailand: the very best golf courses in Asia

Golf in Thailand scores high

Golf in Thailand is popular with golfers worldwide: Many golfers plan their winter holidays near the beautiful and well-groomed Thai golf courses.
Here are some good course tips composed of different rankings and based on our own preferences too. But it is guaranteed a really good take on golf courses that you will always remember having played afterward. They are not the cheapest, but they are top golf courses out of more than 250 in Thailand, and they always simmer in the top of various golf course rankings. They are all definitely worth playing on a golf trip to Thailand.

Thailand is gradually opening up for tourism

A little history of golf in Thailand

Thailand golf dates back to the 1920s when the then Thai king took an interest in the game, and the first of many Thai golf courses was soon after a reality, so golf is not a 24-hour or pure tourist activity in the country. The game has deep roots and the oldest courses are refined and developed for almost 100 years, and service is at the top and outside of the golf course.


AYODHYA-Links-golf course


Ayodhya Links Golf

The first of Thai golf courses on the list here. The course is one of Asia’s most exclusive and funded by 30 Thai rich men and opened in 2007. Membership and games are “by invitation only”, so it is not the most likely course to play on winter holidays, but it belongs to the list here.

It is located approx. 45 minutes drive from Bangkok. It is a flat area and the demanding course, instead of height differences, has a lot of water in play at literally all holes. It is also on the top 100 golf courses in the world quite often. See Ayodhya here.




Alpine Golf Club in Thailand

Golf in Thailand for most visitors means finding a course near Bangkok or any other airport. And Alpine Golf course is also conveniently located outside Bangkok in a rural setting in a huge area and is almost also a botanical garden, so it’s quite beautiful here. The course is not very long, but has testing water hazards and difficult undulating greens and is a pleasure to play. A great course to start or end a golf trip to Thailand.
See alpine Golf Club here




Siam Golf Club (Old Course)

There are 3 courses named Siam about 17 km from Pattaya, all of which are self-evident to be on our list of best golf courses in Thailand. This is like the name says the oldest, by the way from 1972 and completely renovated in the late 90s. Siam old course is known from TV transmission from Honda LPGA Thailand and other tournaments. On the list of Thai golf courses, all 3 could easily participate.

Siam Golf Course

Amata-golf course-in-Thailand-hole 17

Amata-golf course-in-Thailand-famous hole 17

Amata Golf course in Thailand, hole 17

Amata Spring Golf course is yet another internationally known golf course and club on the Golf list in Thailand, which has hosted many great tournaments over the years. Many golfers would like to try out a top course that the best professionals have played tournaments on. The first 5 Royal Trophy tournaments were played here.
The first edition of the Thailand Golf Championship was played at Amata and won by Lee Westwood in 2011. Amata Golf Course is located 1/2 way between Bangkok and Pattaya. It is a golfing archetypal modern course with undulating fairways that give you a different lease from hole to hole. You can stand above or below the ball or horizontally. There are amazing greenside bunkers and very fast greens, but they are fair and not set up for tournament speed. The signature hole is a floating par 3 hole that you reach through a small boat. Yes, you read right. It plays different lengths, depending on where the hole (hole 17) is rooted that day 🙂 Good golf and happy sailing! Continue to the next on the list of Thai golf courses.

Amata Golf Course


Banyan Golf Club Hua Hin in Thailand

Then we are in Hua Hin on our journey through Golf in Thailand. After all, it’s far from the worst place to be, especially not with 14 golf clubs in the luggage.
Banyan Golf Club Hua Hin is designed by Pirapon Namatra, which one can always win by mentioning in a Trivial Pursuit like golf discussion, but more importantly, it is a beautiful and lovely path with mountains in the background and the seafront, a partially seaside path with a signature hole 15, where (hopefully) you turn over to Sing Toh Island. The Dutch capitalized golf course has several spectacular holes and a monster far par 3 at 227 meters, which probably doesn’t pull many birdies home. You can also stay very comfortable and play the court again the next morning.

Banyan Golf Course 

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