Menjangan Island, pristine national park on Bali’s west coast

Menjangan Island –  Island of the barking deer and National Park

Yes welcome to Menjangan by West Bali, you have to drive a few hours to North Bali and then take a small boat to the approx. 3800 ha. Island, but if you want to see pristine beauty or snorkel or scuba-dive at beautiful coral reefs, this is it. There are also authentic Balinese sculptures, and then there is the rare barking deer, but we do. The small island of Menjangan is located off Bali’s west coast, see the map below. The island is part of a national park that also extends into the sea and protects the coral reefs.

hawksbill turtle Bali

Hawksbill shares Menjangan with Muntjac, and it goes fine

The island is surrounded by hectares of the most beautiful coral reef with a very diverse eco/biology, so you see colorful fish if you stick your head in the water. It is on the south side that is dived by both the locals and tourists. There is a bonus that there are no dangerous currents. Besides the fantastic many fish, you see the sea and coastal birds that you do not see on our northern latitudes. But it’s not over: you can see one of the world’s most rare and endangered turtles, the so-called Hawksbill turtle. And in Latin? It’s called Eretmochelys imbricata and shares the island and sea with the famous barking deer or Muntjac as it is called locally. As visitors, you will see these deer “take a bath” on the deserted sandy beaches. We would like to strike for the threatened turtles, so look here. It costs so little to help and means so much. Hawksbill is also found elsewhere like the Great Barrier Reef, but the 65-kilogram mid-sized turtle is beginning to feel all alone.

menjangan deer Bali

Menjangan deer Bali

Want to see the island from the sea? Nice, then rent a motor boat from Pemuteran / / Labuhan Lalang, which can be reached by minibus from Gilimanuk and Singaraja. It is here that it is a good idea to zoom in a little on the map below:) In a rented car from Singaraja to Pemutaran, the trip takes 1.5 to 2 hours. In the bus at least the double. If you want to see the original completely unspoiled Bali, this trip, which then takes at least one day, you can easily stay overnight, almost a must. But there are other options, too, to experience the unspoiled Bali. There are several travel tips under “Bali”.

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