The magnificent Western Norway by the Hardangerfjord

Western Norway offers beautiful travel experiences

Western Norway as in the South Norwegian west country is known for its beautiful nature and hilly terrain. About 4-5 hours outside of Oslo you meet magnificent nature in the form of both Haukeli mountain and Hardangervidden. As an unfamiliar motorist in such an environment, the drive can quickly seem intimidating, but for those who are looking for authentic Norway, far away from the city pulse, there is nothing more real than defying wind and weather to reach it promised cottage land out in the country. “Column driving” over the mountains and closed roads can occur, and an overly tight program and schedule can, therefore, be punished severely by the whimsical mood of the Norwegian winter weather. But if the above sounds like an affordable price to pay to see Norway from one of its most undisturbed and clean sides, then it is worth looking at the many options.

Western Norway, Hardangerfiord, also has Scandinavian top skiresorts

Western Norway, South, Hardangerfiord, also has Scandinavian top ski resorts

Western Norway is one of Southern Norway’s most snow-safe places

First of all, it borders on the blasphemous to write a post about Norway without mentioning “ski”, so let’s start there for the sake of good order. If you stay a good distance inland, away from the coastal cities like Bergen, Western Norway is one of southern Norway’s most snow-safe places. Therefore, it is also suitable for those who want to throw themselves into both cross-country and alpine skiing. Røldal has a fantastic ski center, where it is possible to take a quiet and peaceful walk around the slightly hilly slopes, as well as stick further up in the mountains to the old sheep huts. When the skiing technique has been dusted off and you spell lightly and elegantly across the snow, just look up and enjoy the beautiful scenery and get a little reflection on both small and big issues.

Hardangerfjord, the second longest fjord in Norway.

Hardangerfjord, the second longest fjord in Norway.

If you love hiking, Western Norway is for you

If skiing is not the preferred activity, there is also the opportunity to take a hike among the many lakes that are inside the Norwegian West Country. There are surprisingly many hotels and cottage associations in the area, where it is possible to have a base for an active hiking holiday. Although the winter landscape certainly appeals to many idyll-seeking people, the place also has its charm in the summer, where the skis are replaced with hiking boots and bicycles. There are stupendous waterfalls on mountainsides, but the most visited is usually the Låtefossen waterfall, which in its best days looks like something from a fairy tale film and at its worst a symbol of the Norwegian western country’s sometimes relentless naturalness.

Odda Norge

Do you know Odda ? If you do, we are impressed

The closest you get to a town in the area is Odda. Actually, it has everything the heart could desire: hotels, supermarkets, a hospital, a post office, a police station and a pub. The town is located at the end of the southern part of the Hardangerfjord and can perhaps cure the very worst longing for civilization for those who should suffer greater deprivation in that department. That being said, it must be emphasized that it is not a cheap alternative to a city break somewhere in Southern Europe. But there is something cozy about being wrapped up between mountains and fjords, knowing that everyday shamelessness is really, really far away.

Haukeli-fjellet vestlandet Norge

Haukeli-fjellet Western Norway


Facts about Hardangerfiord, Western Norway

Travel to southern Norway to experience the coast with the mild climate or the most snow-safe ski area in Norway inland.
Western Norway is the western part of southern Norway. It is generally assumed that Western Norway includes the counties of Møre and Romsdal, Sogn and Fjordane, Hordaland, and Rogaland.

Hardangerfjord, more tourist information

Vestlandet Norge

In total, about 1.2 million people live there. The largest city is Bergen and the second largest is Stavanger.

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