The world’s most amazing road trip?

The world’s most amazing road trip? The Atlantic  Ocean Road in Norway

The world’s most amazing road trip? Read about this amazing stretch of road in Norway. The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway is full of captivating nature, motorists, nature cruises, and plenty of bicycle athletes, these are just some of the many scenes you’ll encounter in an Atlantic Road trip in Norway. Many cars are seen parked in spaces around with their owners, usually with their fishing rods or diving gear, enjoying a holiday on a nearby island. Some have gone to the nearest bridge to catch the salty taste of the ocean that the wind brings along. The British newspaper The Guardian has called the Atlantic Road “the world’s most beautiful car journey”, but here it is cycled and run. The road has eight bridges between islets and shoots, where the sea blames Norway’s northwestern shores. The road was opened in 1989 and has since been expanded from Bud in Fræna Kommune to Karvag at Averøy in Møre. Romsdal County.

Bid in Norway, note the cannon plants from World War II


The Atlantic Road runs across several small islands and over eight low bridges built directly over and along the North Atlantic. The 8.2-kilometer trip goes through stunning coastal scenery and has not surprisingly become one of Norway’s most visited tourist destinations. You could start the tour with a short sightseeing in the small town of Kristiansund before continuing to Averøy. Here we propose to visit Kvernes Stave Church from the first part of the 13th century.

The beauty and power of nature along the Atlantic Road

Along the Atlantic Road, you can also enjoy the coastal environment. You can rent equipment for fishing or scuba diving, join local fishermen on a trip out to sea or find accommodations. But nature also has its harsh side. Diving centers on Hustadvika are tempted by trips to the many shipwrecks on the seabed. And during the six years it took to build the road, workers experienced twelve hurricanes that really tested the road’s foundations and quality.

Molde in Norway, the sea and the mountains and a small harbor

Molde in Norway, the sea and the mountains and a small harbor

Molde in Norway, port city and magnificent scenery

There are several popular attractions on the Atlantic Road. The close contact that visitors get with the sea here, together with the unique design of the bridges, has attracted attention far beyond The Guardian. The eight-kilometer stretch of road is one of Norway’s national tourist routes and is listed as a cultural heritage. It also ranks among the country’s most popular nature-oriented attractions. Several well-known commercials have also been filmed here. Hurtigruten’s nearest port of call on the Atlantic Road is Molde.

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The amazing Northern light and the Polar Circle in Norway

Amazing Northern lights near the Polar Circle in Norway

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