Travel by sea and explore the North Atlantic

From the railing on the Voyager ship you will see the beautiful puffin, “the clown of the sea” in free dressage

The voyager cruise line Hurtigruten based in Norway, but cruising the world, can give you completely different and exhilarating travel experiences.
For example, would you experience the North Atlantic’s fantastic animals in the sea, on land, and in the air? So a trip with the Norwegian cruiseline Hurtigruten is the right choice. See Iceland, the Faroe Island and of course Norway. Be and feel adventurous.

puffin bird in The Faroe Islands
Travel by sea in the North Atlantic and meet the puffin

Here is something amazing to see from the animal kingdom: The puffin, “the clown of the sea” can thank its characteristic appearance, including a black crown and back, gray cheeks, white lower body, red and black beak and orange bones for its many nicknames. The puffin or “Lunde” locally has a special place in Norwegian etymology. It even has its own festival – Lundefestivalen at Røst, a small island at the tip of the island group Lofoten, which belongs to Norway. Röst is close to the cliff top that has Norway’s largest puffin colony. In the past, collecting eggs was an important part of life and traditions on the coast. The puffin belonging to the olefin family is a vulnerable species. It spends autumn and winter on the open sea, then each spring returns to coastal cliffs, where it breeds in large colonies with tens of thousands of birds. Each pair only puts an egg hatched in six weeks. After another six weeks, the kid is fully reared, mostly on whole fish, and is flight-ready. It does not return to the coast that year. In addition, in this part of Northern Norway, the puffin also breeds in the Faroe Islands, Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, the British Isles and some other places. It lives on fish and has no land-based enemies in the breeding colonies on the rocks. Their only concern is the attack on the kids from seagulls and bitches. When you travel by sea, in areas of the world less traveled, you are sure to add amazing experiences to your history as an explorer at sea.

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