Mussels, crabs, wild salmon on the M/S Lofoten cruise

M/S Lofoten delivers to all senses.

With M/S Lofoten and Hurtigruten and the good ship M/S Lofoten, you can experience the Norwegian coastline and succumb to your inner culinary cravings at the same time. The ship is one of Hurtigruten’s oldest and most comfortable with fantastic panoramic decks and an equally unique restaurant. Quite a unique way to travel.

Hurtigruten, lovely fish menu

Hurtigruten, lovely fish menu

How about a menu of the freshest local ingredients such as:
Scallops with cauliflower, cream, and spicy sausages. The mussels are hand-picked by divers off Helgeland and delivered to the ship while they are alive. Or maybe you fancy crabs, extra tender reindeer tenderloin, wild salmon, beef, or lobster?

M/S Lofoten, Hurtigruten, chef at work

M/S Lofoten, Hurtigruten, chef at work

Local food suppliers deliver a feast at the table on M/S Lofoten

If you want to have the opportunity every day to choose from the absolute best ingredients from the local suppliers, you can upgrade to à la carte. After a long day of collecting memories for life, one can look forward to taking a seat in the more private areas of the restaurant. Choose from 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-course dinners, where you can choose between four starters, five main courses, four desserts, and the famous cheese plate. They are all made from delicious, fresh ingredients that have been delivered along the route.

M/S Lofoten, Hurtigruten, final result, bon appetite!

M/S Lofoten, Hurtigruten, final result, bon appetite!

Local fresh reindeer meat, extra tender beef tenderloin, cheese

On a coastal trip, many of the ingredients are from the sea, but there are also inland raw materials. Among other things. reindeer meat, extra tender beef tenderloin, cheese, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and berries. Wine and drink packages can also be purchased. Those on a classic trip have full board included in the price and can upgrade to à la carte for a small extra charge. If you do not have a full menu, you can also order an à la carte menu. The a la carte menu can be ordered directly on board. M / S Lofoten has its own dinner concept with a menu from the 1960s, while m / s Vesterålen does not offer an a la carte menu. The menu changes with the season. It makes the meals a feast with the best ingredients from nature.

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