Nosy Be, the fascinating island next to Madagascar: Hakuna Matata!

Madagascar and Nosy Be has so much to offer: Chameleons, sharks, whales, and sea turtles.

When reaching Nosy Be, a rather exclusive beach resort Island near the coast of Madagascar, all doubt disappears from one’s mind; this is a diamond in the rough! The worn airport, the intense heat, and the inefficient immigration control all seem to add to the new feeling of intense tropical humidity. Soon this impression will be forgotten as you allow Nosy Be to do what it does best.

Nosy Be at Madagascar

Nosy Be at Madagascar

Mora Mora is a local saying that defines life in Madagascar. Much like the famous ‘Hakuna Matata’, mora mora dictates a life of slow living and relaxation, which is exactly what this idyllic paradise can offer any guest. When asking the locals where to go to find the best beaches on the island, everyone agrees that Andilana is the place to be. This is where traditional travel commercials come to life as the beaches span for kilometers only to be interrupted by palm trees, mangroves, a couple of bars and the tempting turquoise water. Drink in hand, it seems that life doesn’t get any better than this.

Madagascar, your private beach ?

Madagascar, your private beach ?

“Nosy By, Madagascar is about “slow living” and enjoying life”



Fishing boats in Madagascar

Madagascar´s Hell Ville is a lot more friendly  than the name suggests

But Nosy Be has much more to offer! The central town of Hell Ville is, despite the conspicuous name, a place of possibilities, and offers a preview of the Indian-African inspired culture, that reigns in the entire country of Madagascar. In Hell Ville, every visitor will be offered trips to the surrounding islands, and the neighboring island of Nosy Tanikely offers an incredible opportunity to get close to the amazing nature that exists here. It is densely populated with lemurs and chameleons, and the surrounding waters are filled with whale sharks, humpback whales, dolphins, turtles, and corals. If you prefer to stay on land, Lokobe national park on Nosy Be is a wonderful place to experience lemurs, snakes, large spiders, and even the world’s second smallest chameleon.


Humpback whales

Visit the markets in Nose Be and Ambataluka

The cultural center of Nose Be is by the big market, where locals sell all sorts of fruit, meat, and spices. This is the ideal spot to stock up on local specialties like vanilla and ylang-ylang, which is used in perfume. If you are not planning on having lunch at one of the great restaurants in the area, this is the place to find the best ingredients for a homemade lunch. Outside of town, going towards Ambataluka, is a little extra market specialized in local and handmade arts and crafts. If you are out to explore the entire island, which you can cover in just one day, this market is a great spot for a break to find an original memory to bring back home.

As if to make it easier for adventurous tourists to reach this unique island, Italian tourists have been in love with it for years. This has resulted in direct flights from Rome and Milan straight to Nosy Be, which makes this small piece of paradise easily accessible to any European traveler.

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