Mallorca´s magic Mountains: Serra de Tramuntana 

Mallorca’s largest mountain range is the incredible Serra de Tramuntana

Mallorca’s mountains are an adventure to visit. And Mallorca is actually a pretty big island, ca. 100 km long and 70 km wide. Located close to Barcelona in the Mediterranean, which can be reached by plane in 45 minutes. Only 3 hours from Denmark and with nice climate, good style and lots of great experiences. And then it is notoriously a beautiful island with countless beaches, and cozy towns, and now that we zoom in on the mountains, what is with them now? Are they not just picturesque backgrounds on your car or scooter ride around the island or a small pit stop for a glass of white wine and a tomato salad? Not really, Serra de Tramuntana is called the longest mountain range and is perfect for car excursions, mountain biking, and hiking, and trekking and has a unique history.

15 km wide mountain range with 11 amazing peaks

First of all, when talking about the mountains of Mallorca, mention should be made of Serra de Tramuntana , which is an up to 15 km wide mountain range with 11 mountain peaks reaching over 1,000 m in height and running parallel to the northwest coast. The mountains stretch for 90 km from the island Sa Dragonera to the southwest to Cap Formentor to the north. They cover 18 municipalities and cover about 30 percent of the island’s area.

Mallorca wild mountains, Serra de Tramuntana

Mallorca wild mountains, Serra de Tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana included on the UNESCO World Heritage list

Mallorca’s mountains are demonstrably something special: In 2011, Serra de Tramuntana was included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in the “Cultural Landscape” category. So what are the special qualities that make the mountain range so distinguish a list? This is because the landscape is impressively transformed from barren mountains into a fertile mountain range thanks to an irrigation system, originally designed by the Arabs, but refined over the centuries with the result that the Serra de Tramuntana today is both a beautiful mountain range but also many areas that are cultivated and contribute to Mallorca’s pantry and economy.

Mallorca's mountains Serra de Tramuntana terraces

Mallorca’s mountains Serra de Tramuntana terraces

In short, a fairly inaccessible mountain range is partly made up of high-rise cultivated farms with terraces, which we also know from the rice growing in Asia in the mountains and watermills that help to process the harvest, and planted with not least olive trees, almond trees, orange groves, tomatoes, and wine. The Serra de Tramuntana has thus added a landscaping value and a utility without losing its unique character.

Hiking tours that make your heart beat for Mallorca

The MA 10 road runs all the way through Serra from Andratx to Pollenca crossing various landscapes, with beautiful cliffs looking out over the Mediterranean blue surface. The colors of the landscape depend on the season. Sometimes in winter, the peaks are covered with snow! The small villages have a rural charm that you will not find in the busy and posh harbor in Palma de Mallorca.\

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