Places to visit in Denmark from famous Copenhagen to Legoland

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Places to visit in Denmark for your dream vacation

Places to visit in Denmark? This would be our selection from a very long list.

Denmark, the land of Vikings, fairy tales, and Lego, is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination on a global scale. Known for its excellent culinary scene, biking culture, and the concept of ‘hygge’, this lovely country is frequently named one of the happiest nations in the world. And did we mentioning biking?

Denmark is small but beautiful

Bordering Germany in the south, Sweden in the east, and Norway in the north, Denmark boasts more than 400 islands and around 8000 km of coastline. Although it is the smallest (and the flattest) of the Scandinavian countries, there is definitely no shortage of incredibly beautiful places in Denmark. From the scenic countryside and untouched nature to picture-perfect castles and lively cities packed with cultural attractions, Denmark has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Here, we’ve crafted a list of the best places to visit in Denmark for your idyllic holiday in this Scandinavian gem.

Most beautiful places in Denmark to visit:

Copenhagen skyline, Denmark

Copenhagen skyline, Denmark

1) Copenhagen, top of the list of places to visit in Denmark

First up on our list of the most beautiful places in Denmark is of course the fantastic capital city of Copenhagen. Home to historical landmarks, charming canals, and countless palaces and museums, Copenhagen is often considered one of the most beautiful European capitals to visit.

There is just so much to see in this city and deciding where to go can be a challenge. Some of the best things to do in Copenhagen include visiting the stunningly beautiful Tivoli Gardens (the second-oldest amusement park in the world), seeing the famous Little Mermaid statue, taking a boat tour through the city’s canals and exploring the Amalienborg Palace, the residence of Denmark’s royal family.

Another must-visit attraction in Copenhagen is the iconic Nyhavn, a canal lined with colorful 17th-century buildings and old sailboats. It’s probably the most photographed place in the entire city and once you see it, you’ll understand why.

If you’re into fine dining, you’ll be happy to see that Copenhagen has 13 Michelin-star restaurants that will send your taste buds to heaven with their unique take on Nordic food and other cuisines. And if you’re looking for a more laid-back dining experience, head to one of Copenhagen’s quirky street food markets, like Reffen or Broens Gadekøkken.

Helsingør slot, Elsingøre castle, very popular, Hamlet related. Places to visit in Denmark

Helsingør slot, Elsingøre castle, very popular, Hamlet related. Places to visit in Denmark

2) Elsinore or Helsingør

Helsingør, also called Elsinore, is a picturesque seaside town just a 40-minute train ride from Copenhagen.

Helsingør will enchant you with its historical town center full of narrow cobbled streets, cozy cafes, chic boutiques and well-preserved medieval buildings. The town is also home to several museums such as the National Maritime Museum of Denmark, Denmark’s Technical Museum, and the Helsingør City Museum.

However, the most famous attraction in the town is the iconic Kronborg Castle. Not only is this Renaissance castle known for being the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet but it is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Inside the castle, you can admire a collection of exquisite tapestries, a chapel, a giant banquet hall, a maze of eerie underground passages, and much more. Make sure to also explore the area outside the castle where you’ll find bastions, moats and lovely views of the Øresund Strait.

Christiansø (ø means island) part of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, Denmark Scandinavia, Europe

Christiansø (ø means island) part of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe

3) Bornholm

The tiny island of Bornholm lies in the Baltic Sea, 130 km off the Danish coast. Nicknamed “The Sunshine Island”, Bornholm is the sunniest place in Denmark and a popular summer getaway for Danes.

Bornholm is best known for its beautiful coastline dotted with charming fishing villages, quaint timber houses, stone churches and beaches with some of the finest sand in Denmark.

In recent years, Bornholm has become a gastronomic hotspot and an increasingly popular foodie destination where you can enjoy top-notch Nordic cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients.

Bornholm also has a network of hiking trails that allows nature lovers to explore the island’s rugged landscapes consisting of rift valleys, granite cliffs, caves and coastal forests. You can even find waterfalls in Bornholm!

The enchanting nature combined with pristine beaches and picturesque villages is what makes Bornholm one of the most beautiful places in Denmark.

Møns Klint in Denmark drone shot from the air, a geological miracle and beauty

Møns Klint in Denmark, drone shot from the air, a geological miracle and beauty

4) Møns Klint

On the southeastern coast of Denmark, you’ll find Møns Klint – the highest cliffs in the country.

Stretching for 7 km along the coast and rising 128 meters from the sea, the 70-million-year-old white chalk cliffs are undoubtedly one of the most impressive natural wonders of Denmark.

A trip to Møns Klint offers a lovely break from the busy cities and the opportunity to spend a day surrounded by magnificent nature. On the top of the cliffs, you can hike through a beautiful ancient beech forest and enjoy panoramic views of the Baltic Sea. There are also staircases descending to the base of the cliffs where you can stroll along the pebbly beach or even go for a swim.

If you’d like to find out more about the history and geology of these cliffs, visit GeoCenter Møns Klint. It’s a science center with interactive exhibitions and fun workshops where you’ll learn everything about the formation of this unique landscape.

Rubjerg Knude Fyr from above. North Jutland, Denmark

Rubjerg Knude Fyr from above. North Jutland, Denmark

5) Skagen

The 700-year-old Skagen is the northernmost town of Denmark and has over the years transformed from a sleepy fishing village into a trendy holiday destination. Thanks to its characteristic yellow houses, amazing restaurant scene and white sand beaches, it’s easy to fall in love with Skagen.

Skagen Lighthouse. Places to visit in Denmark

Skagen Lighthouse. Places to visit in Denmark


When visiting Skagen, one of the most spectacular attractions you need to see is Grenen, the northernmost tip of the country where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea collide.

Another fascinating sight in the area is Råbjerg Mile, a set of migrating sand dunes that move a whopping 15 meters every year due to strong winds. As you stand among these giant dunes, you’ll feel like you’re in a desert!

Just a few kilometers south of Skagen is the 14th-century Sct. Laurentii Church, also known as the ‘Sand-Buried Church’. What makes this church so unusual is that it has been almost entirely covered with migrating sands and only its tower is now visible.

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Frederiksborg Castle, Barock garden, Places to visit in Denmark

Frederiksborg Castle, Barock garden, Places to visit in Denmark

6) Frederiksborg Castle

Often called the “Versailles of Denmark”, Frederiksborg Castle is one of the most awe-inspiring castles in Denmark and the largest Renaissance complex in Scandinavia.

In the past, the castle was the residence of the Danish royal family but nowadays it houses the Museum of National History.

While Frederiksborg Castle looks magnificent on the outside, its interior is even more impressive. With its lavishly decorated halls, extravagant furniture and a large collection of art and royal portraits covering 500 years of Denmark’s past, it’s a dream to explore if you’re interested in culture and history.

Be sure to also stroll through the castle’s terraced Baroque garden where you’ll find fountains, water cascades and perfectly trimmed hedges.

Aarhus Harbour, Air view. Denmark

Aarhus Harbour, Air view. Denmark

7) Aarhus

Aarhus is Denmark’s second-largest city and is known for its world-class museums, architectural marvels, fantastic bars and restaurants. It is also home to Aarhus University, one of the biggest universities in the country, which gives the city a young and vibrant feel.

One of the most famous attractions in Aarhus is Den Gamle By, which can be translated as “The Old Town”. It’s an open-air museum showcasing authentically recreated Danish houses and streets from various decades in the 20th century. Wandering around the museum grounds will surely make you feel like you’ve taken a journey back in time.

Another place you shouldn’t miss is the ARoS Art Museum, which is among the largest art museums in Northern Europe. Aside from its many exhibitions, the museum is also famous for the impressive glass walkway on its roof, known as the Rainbow Panorama.

Paaskestræde, (small street i Old Odense). Denmark

Paaskestræde, (small street i Old Odense). Denmark

8) Odense

Just like Aarhus, Odense is yet another wonderful Danish city packed with culture and history. With its cobbled streets, quaint historical houses and old windmills surrounding the city, it is easily one of the most beautiful places in Denmark.

Odense is best known as the birthplace of the world-renowned storyteller Hans Christian Andersen who is the author of The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and many other famous fairy tales. Not only will you find a museum dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen in Odense but also sculptures of him and his fairy tale characters scattered all around the city.

Other notable sights in Odense include St. Knud’s Cathedral, The Danish Railway Museum, Odense Zoo and Egeskov Castle, which is located just a short drive from the city.

9) Roskilde

Roskilde is the former capital of Denmark with a history dating back all the way to the Viking Age.

Naturally, one of the most exciting places to visit in Roskilde is the Viking Ship Museum. Here, you can learn all about the history of ancient boat building and get an up-close view of five 1000-year-old original Viking ships.

In the heart of Roskilde’s historic quarter stands the magnificent Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO-listed Gothic masterpiece holding the tombs of many kings and queens of Denmark.

Since Roskilde is located on a beautiful fjord, you can take a lunch or dinner cruise onboard the charming M/S Sagafjord where you can admire the scenic landscapes of Skjoldungernes Land National Park.

Ribe_Domkirke Denmark´s oldest cathedral

Ribe Domkirke, Denmark´s oldest cathedral in Scandinavia´s oldest town

10) Ribe

One of the best things about Denmark is the abundance of small picturesque towns and Ribe is the perfect example of that. Dating back to the 8th century, Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark and the entire Scandinavia. Something to live up to?

Since everything here is within a short walking distance, the best thing to do in Ribe is to simply wander around and take in its medieval charm. Full of narrow alleyways and cute half-timbered houses, Ribe’s well-preserved town center is a delight to explore.

Some of the most important places to visit here are the Romanesque-style Ribe Cathedral and Ribe Viking Center featuring authentic reconstructions of Viking’s houses and activities.

Places to visit in Denmark, Vadehavet, low tide in south western Justland

Places to visit in Denmark, Vadehavet, low tide in south western Justland

11) The Wadden Sea National Park

Located on the southwestern coast of Denmark, the Wadden Sea National Park is all about spectacular wildlife and unspoiled nature. It is the largest tidal flats system in the world and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its unique geology.

The abundant sandbanks, tidal flats and meadows found in the national park provide a safe habitat for a variety of migrating birds and several species of seals. The area is also known for its large population of oysters, which you can easily collect during low tide and consume on the spot.

If you visit the national park in spring or autumn, you can witness a special natural phenomenon known as the Black Sun when thousands of starlings swirl across the sky and create fascinating patterns.

Places to visit in Denmark, here Dragør, a few km from Copenhagen

Places to visit in Denmark, here Dragør, a few km from Copenhagen

12) Dragør

Located just a 20-minute drive from Copenhagen, Dragør is an idyllic fishing town that mesmerizes its visitors with quaint 18th-century cottages, winding alleyways, and views of the Øresund Strait. It’s a truly picturesque place where almost every corner is worth a photo.

There’s also a lovely harbor, perfect for a stroll on a sunny summer day, and a handful of waterfront restaurants serving fresh seafood. In the summer season, this tiny town comes to life with outdoor markets and various kinds of festivals dedicated to arts, food and music.

Despite its incredible charm and proximity to Copenhagen, Dragør still feels like a hidden gem that hasn’t been discovered by foreign tourists yet.

Places to visit in Denmark, Legoland, Legoland castles

Places to visit in Denmark, Legoland, Legoland castles

13) Legoland, a must on the list of places to visit in Denmark

Since Denmark is the birthplace of the world-famous Lego, a trip to Legoland needs to be a part of your itinerary, especially if you’re traveling with kids!

It all started in the early 1900s in the small town of Billund when a Danish entrepreneur Ole Kirk Christiansen created the Lego brand. Nowadays, Billund has become known for its Legoland theme park which attracts around 2 million visitors a year from all over the globe.

From thrilling rides and roller coasters to a haunted house, aquarium, and 4D cinema, Legoland is brimming with fun attractions so you definitely won’t get bored. Make sure to also explore the Miniland – a collection of miniature versions of famed buildings, all built from Lego bricks.

For a truly memorable experience, spend the night at Legoland’s own Castle Hotel, which offers 142 Lego-themed rooms and VIP access to the theme park.

Visit Legoland

Come to Denmark, we love to see you here

And that’s a wrap! This was our selection of the most beautiful places to visit in Denmark, one of the happiest nations in the world.

As you can see there’s an abundance of exciting places to visit in Denmark,  and we hope that this list convinced you to start planning your trip.

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