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Traveltalk welcomes qualified prospective salespeople for unique remote sales jobs

Job openings will appear here, see the link below. If you want to work with sales and lead management in the reopening of the travel business, we may well have a job for you.

For starters look around the site and get the feel of it. Any application showing no research in this area hits the trash can.

Right now salespeople working remotely is what we look for, sometimes coders or project management or Art direction.

What are the sales jobs we offer now?

We need you to help us build the greatest travel content platform ever seen. The world is a big place so your job is to identify and qualify sales prospects from the travel industry in a well-defined industry vertical or geo area: Who would benefit from being visible at with our own perfectly crafted content and advertising. Travel agencies? Airlines? Hotels? restaurant chains? What countries, what regions. Tons of options. We know most of them. You get an area, once accepted,  and we take it from there.

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