Sales job opening

Traveltalk welcomes qualified prospective salespeople for a unique sales job opening

Sales job opening. If you want to work with sales and lead management in the dormant, but soon to be active again, travel business, we may have a job for you.

For starters look around the site and get the feel of it. Any application showing no research in this area hits the trash can.

What is the job we offer?

We need you to help us build the greatest travel content platform ever seen. The world is a big place so your job is to identify and qualify sales prospects from the travel industry in a well-defined industry vertical or geo area: Who would benefit from being visible at with our own perfectly crafted content and advertising. Travel agencies? Airlines? Hotels? restaurant chains? What countries, what regions. Tons of options. We know most of them. You get an area, once accepted,  and we take it from there.

Where do you work?

It is long-distance work. Your PC and phone are your work lifeline. We provide you with leads, you can work on from home or wherever.

What are the job requirements for this sales job opening?

There are different levels:

a. We provide leads that you qualify for us. If you don´t know what that means, we can help you, if we believe, you have what it takes.

You call prospective clients and based on your feed-back in a very systematic format, you get paid per lead, if you have qualified for further contact according to our process. This way your job is paving the way for the next step in the sales process.

We have developed our own proprietary software to help and guide you through this process, the beginning of all btb sales.

b. Once you have proved your loyalty and ability, we can discuss taking you to actual sales.

How do You get paid?

This starts out as a commission sales leads qualification job. We pay per defined and approved result in your contract.
Next level if you are qualified, we add perks and a base salary for your personal financial security or you continue on a commission basis, cause you know you make better money this way.

We pay per month. So we total your payable results and pay you no later than 7 days into next month.

What is Traveltalk?

We are based in northern Europe, and we have operated a number of travel industry solutions for the last 4-5 years. We already have a business set-up in Europe and Asia.

How do I apply?

    [honeypot app-extrainfo]

    Simply use the above form,  we provide. We only for now need your name, phone, email, country and enclose your application: why you apply, what do you deliver, what are your aspirations, and your CV.

    We comply with all regulations as to personal information in Europe (GDPR).

    And now we welcome your application and we do an online interview if we find it relevant. You will be notified by mail.

    Looking much forward to be hearing from you.

    Traveltalk takes you there!


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