Yoga retreat in Nova Scotia in pristine Nova Scotia

Do yoga while the eagles soar over your head  in Nova Scotia

Yoga seems to attract the off the beaten track locations for retreats. Someplace calm and beautiful. Nova Scotia on Canada’s long east coast lies along the Atlantic coast, which is one of the most precious and pristine shores found. You will see whales, dolphins, and eagles, while you stretch.

Canada, På yoga ophold i Nova Scotia i det østlige uberørte Canada

Canada, yoga retreat in Nova Scotia

Not many places are better suited to a journey that focuses on mindfulness and inner peace created by Yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, etc. And it happens with people who share your passion, are competent and knowledgeable.

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Yoga Nature Retreat

Yoga Nature Retreat is located on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. You get a whole week away from the big city, the noise and stress. There are no cars, no distractions besides the aforementioned eagles and other exciting and beautiful animals that look past. The sea noise in the background forms the frame of Asanas on the beach every morning. In the evening, there are breathing exercises and lectures and Native American healing. The dinner is consumed with millions of stars over the fire on the beach. Monica leads your daily training. She has several other trips and stays with the same theme. Traveltalk will bring more travel space on yoga, tai-chi and other forms of travel with holistic exercise and personal development and relaxation as purpose.

Join Rivkah Rachel for this adventurous yoga retreat in the gorgeous Cape Breton Highlands. Discover the unique landscapes of eastern Canada and of yourself through movement and stillness. This retreat opens to yogis and adventurers of all levels and all genders. You will enjoy delicious local meals, explore new terrain, and make new friends.

Yoga retreats in other countries

Yoga is super easy to combine with other purposes of travel and vacation. It often enhances the quality of your ski vacation or other active vacation such as hiking , mountain biking etc., where your muscles tighten and need stretching. Read here and different yoga retreats and options in general .

Yoga retreats - der strækker rigtigt langt og dybt

Yoga retreats – stretching



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