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Golf in Germany, top golf vacation destination

Golf in Germany Germany is located in the heart of mainland Europe, sharing its borders with nine other countries. Its location allows Germany to offer golf at many great golf courses and outstanding locations.

Germany is one of the largest golfing nations in Europe. There are 750 golf courses in Germany, quite impressive.  With those 750 golf courses and + golf clubs and over 7.00.000 golfers, Germany has reached high numbers due to the exceptional industry organizations that support golf in Germany and continually strive to improve the golf business.

Golfers in Europe, total numbers per country

Germany is on the verge of having more members of golf clubs than England for the first time in history according to major new research by professional services firm KPMG.

Kosaido International Golf Club Düsseldorf

Der KOSAIDO International Golf Club Düsseldorf inmitten der Ausläufer des Bergischen Landes bietet einfach MORE THAN GOLF:Für Golfer aller Spielstärken bietet der Platz faszinierende Blicke bis weit hinein in das Ruhrgebiet und die Kölner Bucht. Die sportlich anspruchsvolle 18-Loch-Meisterschaftsanlage besticht durch ihre fantastischen Aussichten: Der höchste Punkt Düsseldorfs liegt exakt am ersten Abschlag. Von dort aus geht es vorbei an zahlreichen Bunkern, strategischen Ausgrenzen und vielen Wasserhindernissen, die es mit einem überlegten konzentrierten Spiel zu meistern gilt.

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Golfing is still an elite sport in Germany. While traditionally not a golfing country, the emergence of German golfer Bernhard Langer, the “Ice Man” and the likes of Martin Kaymer, has placed Germany firmly on the golfing map. Today the golf courses in Germany are top-notch.

Bernhard Langer German top golfplayer still playin very good golf on the Senior Tour

Bernhard Langer, the German top golf player still playing very good golf on the Senior Tour

The game enjoys increasing popularity, attracts respectable sponsorship money and boasts one of the finest European golfers ever.

Golf courses in the country are also known for their diversity. There are some very good links-style courses in Germany as an example.

When visiting Germany for golf you can count on attractive prices for gastronomy and hotels. Add the good quality of the golf clubs and you are assured of an outstanding golf holiday in Germany. There are also some very good golf resorts in Germany.

When looking for a specific golf region in the country, there are basically two choices. There is North Rhine-Westphalia in the west, where 164 golf clubs are situated. In the south, you have Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg that host 248 golf clubs together.

When moving south to the Bavaria region, you enter the north-side of the European Alps which will lead to some stunning mountain views when playing golf . The experience of playing golf on some of the best German golf courses will even get better with the views of these impressive mountains.

While outstanding hospitality is universal throughout Germany, the intrinsic character of its regions is distinctive, to say the least. Visiting golfers can choose from a different array of wonderful locations for their golf vacations.

Martin Kaymer, Top golf player from Germany

Martin Kaymer, Top golf player from Germany

Germany has a moderate sea climate with relatively mild winters, no extremely hot summers, and rainfall throughout the year. Because of the various mountains and hilly areas you can still find quite some variation in weather in Germany, especially in the Thuringian Forest, the Bavarian Forest, the Black Forest, Sauerland, and the Bavarian Alps.

To play golf in the nation, most golfers must possess a license called a Platzreife before they can get on the green.

The Platzreife is actually a legal requirement to play golf in Germany, instituted over 40 years ago. No other country in Europe requires such a license, but German golfing associations say it is necessary to prevent unskilled players from holding up the games of others.

The Platzreife requirement consists of two parts – a written test and a hands-on test. The hands-on test takes you out on a golf course where you have to prove your driving, putting and chipping skills, and then you join a pro to play 18 holes of golf with a maximum of 108 strokes.

The written test checks your proficiency on the rules of golf and etiquette on the course.

Germany is truly a golfing nation and that makes it an ideal destination for amateur golfers worldwide to set their sights on a long-term golfing holiday. It’s one more reason in a long list of reasons to visit Germany.

Falkenstein Golf club near Hamburg as a top-class example of  German golf.

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