Golf courses in South Africa, 10 top golf courses (continued)

Golf courses in South Africa among the best in the world

Golf courses in South Africa are without a shred of doubt among the best in the world. It may be a long way to go to play the best golf courses in South Africa, but anyone who has made the trip in the sacred name of golf says it’s worth the whole trip. We have made a small bouquet of several of South Africa’s best golf courses. They are all way above average! Also, er recommend, you read the first part about golf in South Africa, so you have a total of 10 golf courses in South Africa to choose from.


Pearl Valley golfbane Sydafrika

Pearl Valley Golf Course

An overview of South African golf courses is not complete without the Pearl Valley Golf Course, which is first and foremost beautiful, and the track has a pretty impressive track record, big tournaments, and the best golfers. It is a distinctive Jack Nicklaus course with great challenges, but a fair golf course and the experience is great, regardless of the score on the card is high. The course is “mature” and it does something good by any golf course that it has been fit for many years. Jack Nicklaus and South Africa’s greatest golfer of all time, still going strong, Gary Player opened the course in November 2003, and from 2006 onwards it has always been in the top 10 in South Africa. A great experience awaits.

Pearl Valley Website 

Sct Francis golf course sydafrika

Sct Francis golf course, South Africa

The St Francis Links Golf Course

Another top 10 courses on the list and also “Best New Course” as it opened in 2007 and blessed with locations and reviews ever since. Jack Nicklaus has also designed this track. Well done.
St Francis website


Sydafrikanske golfbaner.

Gary Player Golf Courses are almost on the list of best golf courses

The incredibly popular Gary Player is the man behind this golf resort, which from a-z exudes quality. Is self-evident on our list of best golf courses in South Africa. The course is of course designed by the golf legend itself, Gary Player, and is located in front of the Soho Hotel and the Cascades Hotel. It hosts the annual Nedbank Golf Challenge with the first prize of $ 2 million, so understandable that the best pro golfers on the golf tour travel to South Africa to join. It is a very creatively designed golf course with strategic bunkers and several rows of tees that make the golf course playable for the vast majority. Kikuyu fairways grass and “bent-grass greens” provide optimal playing conditions. Enters the top 10 list without lifting a finger.

The Gary Player Golf Course



Wild Coast Course welcome to the list of top Golf courses in South Africa

There is something magical about The Wild Coast Sun Country Club. It is a seemingly not so heavy golf course in a mildly hilly area and designed by the ubiquitous Robert Trent Jones Jr., which is perhaps the best-known name in golf course design. It deserves to be part of our best golf courses in South Africa. The Wild Coast Course is very beautiful and plays as a link path, which is taken into account. Even the slightest change in wind direction can completely change the game so it’s about either playing it on a windless day or really having your golf strategy in place and being able to “hit the wind”. You will be delighted to see the Indian Ocean from several holes and it is even a waterfall at the track.

The Wild Coast Sun Country Club



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