Golf Courses in Germany, one of Europe´s top golf nations

Golf Courses in Germany

Golf courses in Germany constitute a formidable long list. This is our own selection of superior German golf courses.

Hamburger Golf Club 1

Hamburg Golf Club Falkenstein

The golf courses in Germany list would be very lacking without the Hamburg Golf Club. It was founded way back in 1906 and in those days the club was a nine-hole course at Flottbek.  in 1910, Flottbek was the venue for the inaugural German Open Championship. But, as golf grew in popularity, the nine-hole course became crowded and new land was eventually found at Falkenstein. In 1930 an absolute 18-hole course masterpiece was design by the brilliant firm of Colt, Alison and Morrison.

It’s a glorious, natural course that is laid out on undulating heathland and, as we all know, this sandy free-draining ground is perfect for golf. Falkenstein was originally developed as a championship course and between 1935 and 1999 it became a regular venue for the German Seniors Championship. Falkenstein also played host to the German Open on no fewer than eight occasions.

Falkenstein is an attractive course, which is routed in all directions of the compass. The wooded location provides a genteel oasis to play golf, away from the hustle and bustle of Hamburg’s city centre. While tree-lined courses often have dull highway-like holes, here only the 2nd and 11th are relatively straight and that is just the right amount of diversion on a course full of doglegs and interest. Every hole presents a unique challenge, the bunkering is vintage Colt and the green complexes provide great entertainment without going overboard.

There certainly are some hills to conquer and valleys to drive over, but it remains walkable and, for the championship minded golfer, completely fair. The maintenance practices are to be commended so often these historic courses are allowed to overgrow and play soft when trees and rough replace the heather and block the original playing angles. Not here at Falkenstein, this is a firm and fast experience like no other in Germany.

Falkenstein crushes the myth that large budgets are necessary for ‘first-rate’ golf to emerge. The fact is, in much of Germany you can come close to constructing a Falkenstein for the price of a ‘big-name’ architect’s design fee! If built today, Falkenstein would cost one to one and a half million euros, possibly less! This

is due to its sandy soils, superb topography and cooperative climate. The routing, bunkering and greens set the course apart, and reveal the architect’s values, flair and knowledge. It is a wonderful example of what makes the game fun, interesting, the course affordable and its principles worthy of imitation. Falkenstein’s routing is dynamic, taking full advantage of the natural, rolling terrain, presenting all

manner of shots – uphill, downhill, side hill, drop shots and seemingly every mixture of these elements. The outcome is a wide variety of holes with challenging and memorable shot opportunities.

Falkenstein eighteen holes is differentiated with expertly devised greens and hazards, but especially noteworthy is Falkenstein’s complete absence of water!

The bunker scheme is distinctive when compared with the modern practice because it is designed to influence the line of play to the hole, not simply punish bad shots.

The course is perfectly in balance and the routing is magnificent. It is 100% natural and benefits maximally from the landscape, also strategically. The greensites are among the best anywhere. You need to use the natural slopes to work your ball towards the green or the hole and it’s very satisfying to judge them right.  Favourites on the front nine include the par 5 th, par 4 6th and par 3 8TH. From 8 onwards, an amazing stretch starts all the way to the 15th. The par 3 10th next to the clubhouse with a 20meter drop is fantastic and the 13th is one of everyones favourite. The tee shot is played from a hill and the fairway narrows at 210 meters, where a big bunker awaits one’s tee shot. On the left, there is room for a longer tee shot but you risk not having a line to the green due to tall trees in front of you. Too far to the right and you’re too far into the bushes.

Falkenstein is a fair championship test and it’s glorious. Every hole is a challenge, very beautiful and different.

In Germany Falkestein is in a class of its own.

Where to Stay on your golf break in Germany

Fritz Im Pyjama

A small boutique hotel in central Hamburg. Chic rooms with lively wallpaper, large sash windows, crisps linen and wondrously contemporary bathrooms. Fritz Im Pyjama is a vibrant spot with an atmospheric lounge ideal for unwinding with a drink, within walking distance to Hamburg’s shopping and nightlife area

25 hours

A funky retro hotel with a lilting mix of retro design from the 60s and 70s. Rooms with soft patterned wallpaper, exposed concrete, lots of radiant white, zebrawood and splashes of red and magenta. 25 hours roof top terrace is the perfect summer hang out. Fantastic futurism at this city spot.

Strandhotel Blankenese

This design hotel is a historic Art Nouveau villa in the elegant Blankenese district, 20 minutes from Hamburg city centre. Strandhotel Blankenese has a beautiful garden terrace directly on the River Elbe. The individually furnished rooms at the Strandhotel feature modern interiors with free Wi-Fi and a large flat-screen TV.

Hotel Süllberg Karlheinz Hauser Hamburg

Hotel Süllberg Karlheinz Hauser Hamburg is offering 11 tastefully furnished rooms to those seeking accommodation in Hamburg. Free pets are allowed. At the Hotel Süllberg Karlheinz Hauser Hamburg restaurant, you can enjoy the company of the best culinary preparations. Guests can benefit from the wireless internet access available at the hotel.

Winston Golf Club Germany

Winston Golf Club Germany

Winston Golf Course, the most controversial on “Golf courses in Germany”

Winston Golf is probably the most controversial golf course ever built in Germany, it’s a wild and rugged “faux links” – meaning that it looks like one, but was carved out of the gently rolling Baltic landscape that is otherwise characterized by forests, rivers and lakes.  These massive internal slopes are the hallmark of the course and distinguish it from any other in Continental Europe. The basic concept is clever; start with a flat site and then break it up internally. That way it can have all the quirks of an undulated property, but none of the strenuous walks. At Winston Links it is generally just a few steps to get from a green to the next tee. Together with the generous layout and 15-minute tee time spacings the prevailing sensation is one of having a huge, undiscovered landscape to oneself.  At Winston there is no routine here for there are new surprises behind every twist and turn of the inspired routing. Gorse, heather and tall dunes that are more than 30 feet high flank many of the fairways which pitch and roll with the wildest of Irish and Scottish links. The bunkering is authentic and many of the sand traps are built in gathering, magnetic fashion designed to catch out unsuspecting golfers. The greens are big and bold with deep swales and subtle borrows. Undoubtedly this course deserves to be acknowledged for its uniqueness alone.  Winston is probably the hardest and most relentless course in Germany.

At Winston the links is well designed and well-built and it is as spectacular as it is a fair test. The front nine have been place near the edges of the woods and therefore have a mature natural feeling. The par 5 3rd is nice hole, playing into the gorse-lined valley from an elevated tee. The corner can be cut off with an aggressive line over a bushy water hazard.  The par 3 5th is a gorgeous one shotter in a natural stadium/punchbowl. 6 is a monster par 5 into the wind with trouble down the left, then heading down on the second shot and next to the green on the right. From hole 8 and onwards the holes are more exposed to the wind and trees are scarce. On the back nine, a few holes are built around the man-made ‘Grand Canyon’ and the wind comes into play even more. The course can show its teeth then because the long par 4’s play into the prevailing wind. Winston favourite holes here are 12 15, 16 and 17 but they are all very good actually. Greens are big and undulated and often decorated with architectural gimmicks as false fronts, awkward angles, deceiving views and you often have multiple options to reach to green, with high approaches as well as running shots and multiple preferred angles into the green depending on the pin positions.

Winston is not only the best new course in Germany, but probably the best new course on the European continent.

Where to Stay near Winston

Schloss Basthorst Crivitz

Schloss Basthorst Crivitz is offering 100 comfortable rooms to guests looking for accommodation in Crivitz. Pets are allowed free of charge. At the Schloss Basthorst Crivitz restaurant you can taste excellent dishes. At the unit you can access the wireless internet.

Hotel Residenz am Schloss Wendorf Kuhlen-Wendorf

Hotel Residenz am Schloss Wendorf Kuhlen-Wendorf may stay in 12 nicely furnished, comfortable rooms in Kuhlen-Wendorf. Free pets are allowed. At the restaurant you can serve traditional dishes. The unit is provided with wireless internet.


Alago Hotel Am See Cambs

Alago Hotel Am See Cambs is offering 27 tastefully furnished rooms to those seeking accommodation in Cambs. Pets are allowed for free. Delicious gastronomic specialties can be served at the Alago Hotel Am See Cambs restaurant. Wireless internet access is available at the hotel

Golf hotel Schloss Basthorst.

The appealing hotel, restaurant, and spa center are embedded in the unique beauty of the region’s lake panorama. Enjoy the comfortable furniture and attentive service after a good night’s rest. Indulge in the Golf hotel Schloss Basthorst wide-ranging cosmetic and therapeutic treatments. In the evening, make sure to savor the exquisite culinary delights in the castle’s inviting dining facilities.





The 18-hole golf course Golfclub Budersand Sylt is situated around the Budersand dunes on the island of Sylt. Because of this landscape the course has been designed as a links course. Today it is supposed to be one of the best links courses in Germany. Undulating fairways, pot bunker and impressive dunes as much as the wind offer the chances for great golf experiences.

The golf resort is found just north of the stunning yacht harbor, allowing golfers to gaze at the plethora of stylish boats which are parked in the harbor all year round. The magnificent views of the sea, which are available from every hole, make playing at this golf club a truly unique golfing experience. The course itself contains narrow, undulating fairways which are bordered by difficult rough areas, so it is important to be accurate with your golf shots from the tee. Moreover, the speedy greens are well-protected by an array of tricky bunkers and these require players to show great care and concentration in their approach play. What is certain is that golfers of all abilities will be tested during their round.

There are many holes to choose from, particularly on the back nine where this golf course really starts to show its true worth.

The scale of the challenge is set out at the very first hole on the fringe of the property, played downhill to a fairway that then veers left and up to a green with a sand hill to the right for protection – as tough an opening hole as you could care to imagine. Since the property is surrounded by the ocean on three sides, there

can be many types of wind. For instance, when the notorious North-Westerly is up, the opening hole plays straight into the teeth of it and just barely reaching the fairway becomes an achievement. On other days there might be a mellow, warm breeze from the continent of hardly any consequence.

The 12th and 13th, are a real piece of work. The 12th is one of several dogleg holes at Budersand, turns almost 90 degrees and is a wonderful risk-and-reward par 4, while the 13th is a magnificent downhill par 3 into a green carved into steep dunes.

But the best hole is another par 3 which will come two holes later at the 15th. It’s only 110 yards from the tips, but the tee shot plays toward the ocean with mainland Germany on the horizon, and to a green that sweeps from front to back and right to left with sand traps ready to gobble anything short.

An invigorating round of golf is on offer at Golfclub Budersand Sylt and visitors are warmly welcomed to the golf club every day. In addition, juniors under the age of 18 receive a discount from the listed green fee, but booking in advance is essential due to the popularity of the resort.

Where to stay near Golfclub Budersand Sylt.

Kontorhaus Keitum

Kontorhaus Keitum combines a classy contemporary aesthetic with excellent service to create a high quality hotel. With stylish rooms that offer stunning views out to sea and an excellent restaurant, this Kontorhaus Keitum hotel is the perfect launchpad for golfing in Sylt.

Sol’Ring Hof

Sol’Ring Hof is a simply stunning hotel right on the North Sea. Step off the beach into this glorious hotel that boasts luxurious rooms, fantastic views and a sublime two michelin starred restaurant. A seaside gem.

Landhaus Stricker

Landhaus Stricker embodies the island’s superb hospitality culture. Boasting delightful rooms, a deluxe spa and nearby access to Sylt’s best beach, it’s got all the components of a great hotel. However, what really pushes it on to the next level, is its divine michelin starred restaurant and extensive wine cellar.


Badhotel Sternhagen

This 5-star superior hotel features a large spa area, wine cellar and 2 restaurants serving traditional gourmet and German cuisine. The Badhotel Sternhagen is set in picturesque surroundings, this hotel is quietly located directly on the North Sea coast.

Golf Club Hardenberg eV

Golf Club Hardenberg e.V.  Göttingen Course is one of the top golf courses in Germany and is situated in the town of Gottingen, in the region of Lower Saxony. A fabulous destination complete with a rich cultural and historical identity, Gottingen is without doubt a great place to play golf. The golf resort is found in quite an isolated location and this helps to provide a tranquil environment which is perfect during your round. The golf club is home to two 18-hole courses – the Gottingen Course and the Niedersachsen Course – and a shorter, 6-hole public course. Moreover, the combination of impressive flora and fauna, canyons and open meadows creates a matchless golfing experience which must be sampled by every golf enthusiast. Golf Club Hardenberg e.V. – Göttingen Course has undulating terrain which can be a problem if you are not accurate with your golf shots. There are numerous sandy bunkers dotted around th e fairways and greens and it goes without saying that these must be avoided to achieve a good score. In addition to this, the greens can be lightning fast and require the player to demonstrate great skill and concentration.

While here you can sample the local distillery which has been producing schnapps and liqueurs for over 300 years, and one of its most famous brands is “Schwartzhog”, a dark-coloured digestif named in honour of a black wild boar that apparantly saved the inhabitants of the nearby castle from an unexpected attack back in the 16th century.

Golf Club Hardenberg e.V. looks as if every hole had a different designer and the modern notions of brute force and “Tour style” are certainly there as well. And yet it is loads of fun to play for everyone.

An exciting round of golf is on offer at the resort for a reasonable green fee considering that this is one of the most famous golf courses in Germany. Additionally, juniors and students under 27 receive a 50% discount from the listed price, but booking in advance is essential in order to avoid disappointment on arrival.

Where to Stay.

Hotel Zum Löwen

A charming hotel, with a rich history to match the surrounding rustic town of Duderstadt. Its rooms are light and spacious and its restaurant is ideal for sampling local sausage delicacies. A standout feature of the Hotel Zum Löwen is its unique art collection, boasting a series of Warhol polaroids. A great value choice.

Elements Pure

A unique hotel in the heart of Bremen historic centre. The decor and ethos focus on Feng Shui and well-being. Chic and modern rooms are individually designed, based around the five elements. An in house restaurant, spa, chill-out lounge and bar add to the charm of the Elements Pure luxury hotel.


Kastens Hotel Luisenhof

Enjoy the opulence and luxury of Hanover’s only five-star hotel. Kastens Hotel Luisenhof Set in a classical building, its rooms carry an air of understated elegance. Located a stone’s throw from Hanover’s historic old town, its ideal for a weekend break in Saxony’s capital.

Hotel Haus Norderney

Modern hotel building on the island of Norderney. Contemporary style rooms have elegant white furniture with balconies. Sauna and fireplace lounge; good breakfast and afternoon tea. Plenty of ways to relax in this Hotel Haus Norderney


Golf Club Föhr

The GC Foehr dates back to 1925, it is one of the oldest golf courses in Germany.  In 2009, the traditional course was expanded from 18 to 27 fairways. The new “Links Course” courses give the entire golf course a real “North Sea flair”: The diversity of the island of Föhr is reflected in the 27 holes: Pure nature on fairways with forest, with water, with sand, with heather, with gorse, with beach grass, with dune formations. Each hole is distinctive with an ever new views of the landscape. The lanes are so cleverly laid out that you feel almost alone on the course, even in high season.

Golfclub Föhr has three main courses for golfers on its 3×9 hole course. The color of the golf flag for each course corresponds to one of the colors of the club: red, yellow or blue.

All three balanced 9-hole rounds (blue, red and yellow round) correspond to the club’s logo colors and start and end near the clubhouse and are offered in alternating combinations.

The biggest difficulty of the course comes from its overgrown bunkers and of course from the stiff breeze. Because here it can really blow, be ready to say goodbye to some balls here.

Since it blows constantly here, the par-3 holes can be tricky. On the scorecard, all six are very close to each other at 133 to 167 meters. However, since they are oriented in all directions, the effective differences in length are significantly larger. The range of clubs ranges from iron 9 to the long hybrid. The par 3 holes in general are the great strength of the course. Each of them has an individual character, a special charm and intelligently designed bunker landscapes and still manages to offer players of higher handicap classes a fair chance to bypass them through strategic play.

The approach to the green at the GC Foehr is hellish and if you’re not careful you will wreck your card after the very first hole. The 4th and 5th are proper links holes of the GC Foehr and the 6th and 7th is the pick from a visual point of view. The 8th and 9th are old, tree-lined holes and nowhere can you see the difference between old and new holes better than here.

Where to Stay

Hotel Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Südstrand

The beautiful Hotel Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Südstrand is located right on the beach of the North Sea island of Föhr. The wellness resort with an unforgettable sea view stands for gentle quality tourism in the premium segment. At the Hotel Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Südstrand you can enjoy miles of white sandy beaches, beautiful green nature and a pleasant sea climate favored by the Gulf Stream. Golf players can look forward to an excellent 27-hole golf course nearby.

The Klanxbüller-Stuben

The Klanxbüller-Stuben offers country-style rooms, a continental breakfast and a restaurant serving international food. The rooms at the Hotel-Klanxbüller-Stuben have a TV and a private bathroom with a shower.

Sternhagens Landhaus

Sternhagens Landhaus offers traditional Frisian-style rooms and suites, a beautiful garden with sheltered terrace, and a restaurant serving regional cuisine. Rooms and suites at the family-run Sternhagens Landhaus Föhr are individually decorated and feature northern German country-style furnishings.

Rackmers-Hof Hotel Garni

Rackmers-Hof dates from 1845 and provides historic charm with traditional thatched roofs.

All suites at the Rackmers-Hof offer a living room with flat-screen TV, 1 or 2 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a garden terrace. A rich breakfast buffet is available each morning in the Friesenstube lounge of the Rackmers-Hof.


Golf & Land Club Köln

Golf & Land Club Köln is far from the madding crowd in a quiet forested setting, here you will find one of the best championship golf courses in Germany. Originally established in 1906, the club moved to east of the River Rhine in 1952, to a new course laid out by the renowned German designer Bernhard von Limburger.

Golf Club Föhr e.V. is one of the most demanding championship course in Germany.  The special character of the course is characterized by the tracks, which are mostly completely separated by trees. Multiple right and left doglegs require precise strokes because the ball has little run. The whole area is slightly wavy and a stream that flows through the area often proves to be a tricky water hazard because the course is actually located right in the middle of a swamp.

The tees are well defended and there are obstacles in the drive zones for both good and weak players. You can’t just play golf here. You have to think about how to play it tactically with every stroke.

The course is Par 72. For men 5980 and for women 5286 meters.   Everything you could wish for as a golfer is included. Doglegs to play tactically, not too long par 5 holes, and lots of varied par 4. The 4 par 3 holes are also impressive.

The German Open, the International Amateur Championships, and The Hennessy Cup have all been played on the course. A multi-milliondollar clubhouse, conference room, driving range, putting green, and restaurant round out the first-rate facilities.


 Where to Stay

Gronauer Tannenhof

For more than 30 years, the Gronauer Tannenhof has welcomed guests to its non-smoking, en-suite rooms which boast a traditional Tyrolean design. Wireless internet access is available in all areas. Treat yourself to hearty regional specialities in the inviting restaurant. In summer, you can enjoy your food on the garden terrace.

Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg

Set in a grand Baroque palace with scenic gardens, this 5-star hotel offers luxurious rooms and suites with marble bathrooms and free Sky TV. Guests enjoy free drinks from the minibar.

Grandhotel’s elegant spa centre features an indoor pool with hot tub, a sauna area and a well-equipped fitness studio. Many health and beauty treatments are available.

Best Western Hotel Cologne Airport Troisdorf

All rooms at Best Western Hotel Cologne Airport Troisdorf are comfortably furnished and have satellite TV. A rich buffet breakfast is served each morning. It also offers spacious rooms with free WiFi.

Lindner Hotel BayArena

This hotel is part of the north stand of the home stadium of the Bayer 04 Leverkusen football team. Rooms at Lindner Hotel BayArena are furnished in a classic, contemporary style. All include a TV and a private bathroom with shower. Each room also comes with free WiFi and free phone calls.

Golf and Country Club Berlin-Wannsee

The Golf and Country Club Berlin-Wannsee, founded in 1895, is the oldest official golf club in Germany. The traditional 27-hole course is easily accessible in the south-west of Berlin and, idyllically embedded in the old trees of the typical Brandenburg forest landscape with its hilly and variedly designed fairways, offers golfers of all strengths sporting challenges and relaxing tranquility alike.

The Golf and Country Club Berlin Wannsee eV provides an exclusive setting for the care of social and business contacts and charges in the metropolis Berlin for meetings in a pleasant country club atmosphere. This is the place where individuals come for diplomacy, politics, economy, culture and recreation. One of the social highlights of this old club include the traditional New Year reception and lavish summer parties. In the festively decorated club rooms and on the covered terrace, the club members and their guests celebrate late into the night and spoil themseives.

The exemplary work with children and adolescents has been the basis of several German championship titles in recent years and they have received several federal awards for their outstanding youth work in Germany from the DGV many years.

The old trees of the Golf and Country Club Berlin-Wannsee eV are really impressive, but often a very mean opponent. The space is comparatively short, so that you can easily achieve several birdies on one lap.

All the holes are interesting, not a long course by modern standards, and is quite tight on many occasions. The golf resort is characterised by its abundance of ancient trees which make up a big part of the course. In fact, the majority of holes are designed to make the most of the woodland areas, so these act as natural obstacles which serve to increase the challenge offered to golfers. The par fours are mostly under 400 yards, but there are some really interesting dog legs and strategy from the tee, not power, is required here save for 2 or 3 long holes.

The par 3’s are a very testing set, none short, 6/5 iron for holes 8, 14 and 17 which are all beautifully designed and have greens that are set up and are quite tricky to hit. The 10th is a monster at 240 yards to a small green. Every hole has its own personality and you’d never get tired playing this course. The bunkers are well positioned and not too deep

In order to be allowed to play on the championship course, you should have at least a handicap of -36.0.

A fabulous destination packed with history and culture, Berlin is without doubt a great place to play golf.

Where to Stay near the Golf and Country Club Berlin-Wannsee

Hotel Forsthaus

This quiet hotel is located beside the Stölpchensee Lake in Berlin’s green Wannsee district. It offers buffet breakfasts, free parking, Wi-Fi and an outdoor terrace where guests can enjoy cake and coffee. The large rooms at Hotel Forsthaus include a minibar, safe and a private bathroom with a hairdryer.

Hotel Villa Monte Vino

A 19th-century tower set high above Potsdam and boasting epic city views. Individually styled rooms feature traditional chintz fabrics, large sash windows and antique furniture. The Hotel Villa Monte Vino atmospheric gentleman’s bar is the perfect spot to unwind after a day of Golf.

Fritz Aparthotel Potsdam

The family-run Fritz Aparthotel Potsdam is quietly yet centrally located in the historic Old Town of Babelsberg in Potsdam. Guests are welcome to relax in the garden with sun terrace. The accommodation is decorated in an Italian style and offers views of the garden. Each spacious room is individually decorated and features a seating area. At the Fritz Aparthotel Potsdam baby cot and a children’s high chair can be provided upon request.

Hotel Bonverde (Wannsee-Hof)

his stylish hotel provides comfortable accommodation and free Wi-Fi in public areas and some rooms.  The charming Hotel Bonverde has offers tastefully furnished rooms with free Sky satellite channels and access to children’s channels. A full breakfast buffet and a selection of international dishes are served in the hotel restaurant. Cocktails and other drinks can be enjoyed at the cosy bar.

Golf Club Schloss Klingenburg

Founded in 1980 and since 2010 a member of the Leading Golf Courses of Germany, the golf course of Palace Klingenburg located in the breathtaking high valley of the Mindel boasts some of Germany’s most exotic landscape. The Golf Club Schloss Klingenburg E.V is a gem along Swabia’s Baroque route between Augsburg and Ulm is a pleasure to behold and a keen challenge for golfers. The course offers an unforgettable combination of playing golf and enjoying the natural setting. The old stands of trees coupled with plenty of water – particularly in the Bermuda Triangle (Due to the amount of water that characterizes this 18-hole course) with the spectacular two-lake hole 13 that offers a wonderful mix of relaxation and excitement. The course is nestled into a lush green 18-hole park, and is listed as one of germanys best golf course.

Golf Club Schloss Klingenburg E.V opener is a short par four that will mercilessly expose any first tee nerves and the second tee box looks downright impossible – unless you go to the forward tee and peek down into the valley, which will actually accept any reasonable shot. The terrain subsides somewhat over the following uphill par five and downhill par three, but picks up again around the turn.

Once on this parkland course, there’s a continuous flow of holes and no backtracking to speak of. Despite some tight corners, the course layout always keeps up with its generous character and largely avoids side-by-side holes. What’s more, everything takes place in naturally beautiful surroundings and no traffic or other noise will disrupt the proceedings.

The course itself is testing but fair and fun to the golfer regardless of handicap. Whatever the time of the year, the course is always well presented and in top condition.

This diamond under Golfcourse is a must for all knowledgeable golfers. Imagine thousands of old magnificent trees, protected water and conservation areas, an extensive array of natural flowers and wildlife and you have found Schloss Klingenburg.

Where to Stay

Gasthof Zahler

Offering a children’s playground and sun terrace, Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. The rooms are fitted with a TV. Every room has a private bathroom fitted with a shower. Gasthof Zahler features free WiFi . Rich and varied breakfast buffet is served every morning at Gasthof Zahler. The restaurant also serves traditional German and Swabian cuisine for lunch and dinner. Free private parking is available on site.

Business Homes – Das Apartment Hotel

Business Homes – Das Apartment Hotel offers accommodation minute walk from the city centre. Featuring a terrace or balcony, the accommodation is fitted with a seating area with a flat-screen TV and free WiFi. There is also a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, where guests can prepare their own meals. Every unit features a private bathroom with free toiletries.

Gasthof Und Hotel Zum Hirsch

The Hotel zum Hirsch offers country-style rooms, a Bavarian restaurant and free Wi-Fi on Ichenhausen’s historic market square. The Hirsch’s restaurant offers Swabian specialities, international food and Bavarian beers. During summer months, guests can enjoy drinks and meals in the Gasthof Und Hotel Zum Hirsch traditional beer garden.

Schreiegg’s Post

Schreiegg’s Post is a historic 19th-century building. All rooms are individually furnished and feature a selection of antiques. A buffet breakfast is available each morning at Schreiegg’s Post. The restaurant serves regional Swabian specialities and international dishes. The Schreiegg’s sauna area offers a rooftop view of Thannhausen. A solarium and a range of massages are also available.


Country Club Schloss Langenstein

The golf club was founded in 1990, with over 600 large trees, 500 fruit trees, 4500 wild trees and 15,500 swamp hedges and countless flowering plants.

Golf Club Schloss Langenstein e.V. is one of a number of top golf courses located in the region of  Baden-Wurttemberg,  Germany. Found near the beautiful town of Eigeltingen, the area basks in warm summer temperatures which are ideal to play golf.The golf resort is modelled upon a British country club and is situated in an incredible location next to the stunning Lake Constance. This, of course, provides golfers with spectacular views as they make their way around the course. Moreover, the course’s isolated location offers a tranquil atmosphere which is perfect during golf rounds.The course itself is known to be one of the best in southern Germany. Although the fairways are predominantly broad and forgiving, they are at times heavily undulated and this can prove difficult for even the most experienced of players. The greens are well-manicured and are protected by an array of tricky bunkers, so golfers have to take great care with their golf shots and approach play.

The front nine is routed over largely open, rolling land, whereas the back nine has a few twists and turns, such as lakes and a canyon.  The Schloss Langenstein castle itself also provides a spectacular backdrop for a number of holes, especially the 317-metre 18th, which runs alongside it. There are, however, good holes to be found in every part of the layout, be it the water-threatened sequence of holes between the 10th and the 15th or the routing across the nicely undulating terrain from the 7th to the 9th.

The golf courses, the equestrian center, the tennis courts and the Dornsberg shotgun course are available for both members and guests.

The Lord must be a golfer aptly describes this course that captivates with its extensive landscape and each characteristic and unique fairway.


Where to Stay

” Zum alten schlawiner “

” Zum alten Schlawiner ” has a garden and a terrace. The facilities at this property includes room service and an ATM, along with free WiFi throughout the property. There is a restaurant serving German cuisine, and free private parking is available.Continental and buffet breakfast options are available every morning at ” Zum alten Schlawiner “.

 Landgasthof Ritter

 Landgasthof Ritter offers pet-friendly accommodation in Villingen-Schwenningen. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Free private parking is available on site. Rooms come with a private bathroom equipped with a bath or shower.

Ringhotel Zum Goldenen Ochsen Stockach

Ringhotel Zum Goldenen Ochsen Stockach offers 37 comfortable and tastefully furnished rooms. At the restaurant you can taste excellent dishes. Wireless internet access is available at the hotel.

Hotel Lochmühle

Hotel Lochmühle is a smoke-free hotel featuring full-service spa, restaurant and an indoor pool. Free buffet breakfast, free WiFi available public areas and free self-parking are also provided. Additionally, a fitness centre, a bar/lounge and a coffee shop/café are on-site. All the 120 rooms offer free WiFi.


St. Dionys Golf Club

In the heart of the Lüneburg Heath, you will find one of the most beautiful golf courses in Germany. Here the St. Dionys golf club and landscape form a successful symbiosis. Lüneburg is known as the ‘Salt Town’ in reference to the bygone era when it was the centre of the salt trade. Lüneburg is a town packed with history and is undoubtedly a great place to play golf. The golf resort is based upon an undulated terrain of around 220 acres and offers 18 holes which makes for a very satisfying round of golf. In fact, the variety of heathland, pinophytas, pine trees, and dense woodland spread across the course means that visitors will find themselves playing golf like they have nowhere else. As a result of the dry ground, Golf Club St. Dionys e.V. is open for golfers all year-round.

The fairways are long and favour big hitters, but players needs to be accurate with their golf shots from the tee in order to avoid landing their ball in difficult rough areas in the midst of the trees that surround fairways. Although the greens are flat, they are well-protected by strategically-placed sandy bunkers and their water hazards which must be avoided to nail down a good score.  Golf Club St. Dionys e.V. will give the most experienced golfers a tough challenge during their round.

The par 5 4th is a very good three shotter, unless you risk hitting a fade over the water splitting the fairway. The long par 4 5th is another fantastic hole. It is a dogleg to the left where the approach is played over a lake. A drive to the left side of the fairway makes the approach a lot easier, but one does risk being blocked by the forest or flirting with the water.

The unforgettable holes here are the 12th, another par 3 of the highest order, and the 17th, a short par 4 with a clever tree protecting the inside of the dogleg.

The course can be played all year round. There are no fixed start times. The driving range includes numerous teeing grounds on grass as well as four covered tee boxes with artificial turf, there are also several practice bunkers plus putting and pitching greens. Trolleys and electric golf carts can be borrowed here.

Where to Stay

 Heidehaus St. Dionys

Heidehaus St. Dionys features accommodation with free WiFi and free private parking. Each unit features a fully equipped kitchen with a stovetop, a seating area with a sofa, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with shower

Hotel Restaurant Teichaue

Situated beside the 18-hole golf course in Adendorf and surrounded by the countryside of the Lüneburg Heath, this Hotel Restaurant Teichaue offers comfortable rooms with free wireless internet access and balcony.

Dormero Hotel Altes Kaufhaus Lüneburg

A restaurant, a 24-hour fitness center, and a bar/lounge are available at this smoke-free hotel. WiFi in public areas is free. Other amenities at the Dormero Hotel Altes Kaufhaus Lüneburg include a coffee shop/café and self-parking. All 83 rooms offer free WiFi, and flat-screen TVs with satellite channels.

Landhotel Franck

Landhotel Franck offers 34 accommodations with safes and complimentary bottled water. Flat-screen televisions come with satellite channels. A restaurant, laundry facilities, and free newspapers are available at this smoke-free hotel. Free buffet breakfast, free WiFi in public areas, and free self-parking are also provided. Other amenities include a garden. All 34 rooms at the Landhotel Franck offer free WiFi.


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