Camping in Sweden

Camping in Sweden offers campsites from the Arctic to the South 2000 km away.

Camping in Sweden offers over 500 fantastic campsites covering most of the country, from Skåne in the south to Lapland, north of the polar circle. You can camp in lovely big cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, on many archipelago islands, in cozy fishing communities or in incredible natural areas surrounded by large forests and rushing rivers.

Sweden is a huge country covering more than 2000 km from south to north Sverige. No matter if you come from Denmark by boat or by the bridge, your Swedish camping adventure begins within the hour. The bridge spans from Copenhagen to Skåne, and the ferries go from Helsinore to Helsingborg. Of course, flying in and renting a car or camper is an option too.<

Once in Sweden decide how far you want to drive and what kind of travel experience you are looking for. The campsites are excellent and nature is fantastic in all of Sweden.

Tent and camping equipment on the Kungsleden trail in Sweden. The Kungsleden ("The King's Trail" or "The Trail of Kings") is one of Sweden's most famous hiking trails and runs for a total of 450 kilometres through Swedish Lapland, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

Tent and camping equipment on the Kungsleden trail in Sweden. The Kungsleden (“The King’s Trail” or “The Trail of Kings”) is one of Sweden’s most famous hiking trails and runs for a total of 450 kilometers through Swedish Lapland, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

So much to see and experience on a camping road trip, and the kids will love it too

For the kids, a campsite is almost their own world in the world. Here they can romp freely, find new playmates and experience lots of fun and challenges every single day. At Sweden’s campsites, you will find everything from exclusive swimming pools and pirate clubs to summer shows and mini-golf. In addition, there are plenty of other offers such as sailing, treasure hunting, picnics and disco nights.

While some campsites are so fabulous and exciting that mini-trains run between the attractions, others are idyllically located in beautiful nature reserves that immediately bring you back to the basics – peace and relaxation. Sweden is certainly also exotic and exciting, and anyone can find the right camping paradise – here is something for every wish – and for every family!

From luxury to primitive camping, it is all possible camping in Sweden

Whether you have your own caravan, mobile home, tent or nothing at all, Sweden has a campsite that fits you perfectly. Many of the sites have both houses and cottages located charmingly located near lakes or the sea, and offer facilities such as restaurants, kids clubs, shops, and own beach or rocky coast. And not only that – near your campsite you will often find more sights and attractions, which helps to enrich the family holiday. Sweden offers lots of zoos, amusement parks, climbing opportunities, canoeing, bike paths, dressine tours, museums, golf courses and rafting, as well as much more. Meet the children’s wildest holiday dreams. If you have a  camping dream, Sweden certainly has the right campsite! Find more inspiration for your camping holiday here.

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