Camping in Croatia

Camping holidays in Croatia, a camping guide

Camping holidays in Croatia? Many Europeans have already found that this is a really exciting travel form! If you are from another continent, no problem, rent a camper and get started. Campers are super comfortable these days and you visit Europe at the exact pace that suits you.
Croatia is arguably one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, and traveltalk has several descriptions. Browse an intro to travel country Croatia here. So you just put it all on the map.

Dalmatia Croatia seaside

Dalmatia Croatia seaside

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Why choose a camping holiday in Croatia?

The rather short answer is that

  • Croatia is within easy reach of most of Europe
  • Croatia, as mentioned, is a very beautiful travel destination.
  • Croatia is in control of it with well-equipped campsites
  • Croatia is a safe EU travel country
  • Croatia is far cheaper to travel in than the average EU country,
  • Croatia has wonderful food and its own delicious wine
  • Croatia has a nice Mediterranean climate
  • Croatia is close to Italy and even has an Italian speaking part: Istria

The slightly longer answer is that Croatia is considered one of the 3 best-camping destinations in Europe. By the authoritative German Car owners organization,  ADAC. Look there.

camping in forest during nightime

High camping holiday quality

Camping quality in Croatia has been discovered and recognized by the campers. Even when visiting the Adriatic with a caravan was an attractive adventure, it took up to 24 hours or more to reach the nearest Croatian island from Western Europe. Today it is faster and Croatian camping is more popular than ever and even more luxurious.

Camping developing in Croatia

The stereotypical image of camping has been greatly adjusted thanks to modern, well-equipped and hospitable campsites, often with their own beaches. Innovations range from the introduction of family-friendly mini-campsites to larger holiday parks with their own chalet apartments and mobile home facilities. More than 2 million people visit Croatia every year to spend their camping holidays surrounded by clean beaches, clear blue gardens, well-preserved natural surroundings and of course plenty of sunshine and warmth.

Croatia’s campsites

Some of the most popular camping areas in Croatia are

Istria, a beautiful peninsula, you are always close to the sea, Italian speaking and influenced
Dalmatia, Croatia’s largest holiday area
Mills, beautiful islands and beaches
Central Croatia, magnificent mountain nature
Pag, a beautiful island close to the mainland
Rab, a beautiful smaller place is peaceful with lovely beaches

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