Camping in Germany: A road-trip through a great country

Germany has more than 750 reasonably-priced campsites

Campsites are generously sprinkled all across Germany. To hitch up the caravan and head for the open road, wherever it may take you, is a way of life in Germany, where new experiences are lined up quite literally at every exit you take.

Choose between campsites that stretch down to a lake or a family-friendly site, or campsite close to a big city such as Berlin or Hamburg. There is something for everyone.

Here at, we´ll feature some suggestions for those of you who like to travel light!

Camping in Germany is for everyone

Campsites are open to everyone, including motorcyclists, motorists, hikers and bikers – there is always a bed available so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable night´s rest in, for example, cabins or tents where you can borrow pots and pans, too! And then take off the next day – as free as a bird.

Camping i Tyskland 2

Traveling with your own motor home in Germany? Then you´ll find this that country´s campsites facilities are optimal and include power supply, TV antennas, and waste disposal facilities. Everything is ready and waiting for you.

You can also hire a cabin right in the heart of the most beautiful natural surroundings.

There is no shortage of activities or sports facilities either. Many German campsites either have their own facilities or are situated close to golf courses, bowling alleys, in- and outdoor playgrounds, mini zoos, spas, and water parks.

Germany is made for camping vacations. It certainly won´t be boring.

Download the German National Tourist Office´s brochure on camping featuring plenty of suggestions for camping vacations in Germany.

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Naturally, we provide you with a link to more camping in Germany here at Tips on the best German campsites to visit. Camping in Germany is synonymous with quality campsites that are spread out like a net across the whole of Germany.

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