Barcelona – what to see, where to go, how to go

Barcelona – one of Europe’s most charming cities

Barcelona is the ingenious architect Antoni Gaudi’s city (born (1852) with the pioneering Jugend / Art Nouveau architecture. The Sagrada Familia Cathedral is his “legacy” and is visited by millions a year. He is buried there after a tragic death, an accident, where people considered him a beggar after a traffic accident, so he got no help. But he left world-class architecture and contributed to the beauty of Barcelona. The city is also the Catalan’s capital, a vibrant city and a people of a great sense of belonging.



Barcelona has a big spread of wings and things to see: For example, the Cava producers with a fantastic wine museum just outside the center, with a small underground train to visit “wine in caves”!  Millions of Cavi bottles lie and are waiting to mature, some for many years, and you are allowed to taste the bubbles in an underground bodega on the trip. This is an experience of the few!
Barcelona is the joy of life and the exponent of the special Catalan culture and lifestyle. In a sense, the city is the pendant to Milan in Italy, in the sense that this is wealthy Spain with close European anchorage. Even though the last years have shown issues of desired independence from the rest of Spain.

Let´s Rambla!



The Rambla in Barcelona is where it is at

The Rambla in Barcelona is a world-famous pedestrian street, and more like a combination of outdoor events, cafes, restaurant, and theaters.  Barcelona is not least of all the eternally young pedestrian street Rambla´s city. La Rambla, or Las Ramblas, because there are several side streets of the same nature, is a charming shorter pedestrian street in central Barcelona. La Rambla is small 1.2 kilometers from Port Vell in the south to Placa Catalunya in the north, and along the street is now planted shady large trees, placed fine sculptures and there is always other art from street art to established artists. There is everything from beggars to lovely cafes. It is popular and very Catalan.

Barcelona is also the vibrant port and beach and ultimately it is our everybody’s amazing city. Maybe the perfect city for a long weekend?


Hop to Palma or go skiing in Andorra?

Should you, against any expectation and reasonableness, get tired of the city or just be curious about more Spanish experiences, then in a few hours you can be in Palma on Mallorca with a hydrofoil. Go there for a day, enjoy a good lunch and then return home with the same hydrofoil, we suggest the last departure of the day. Then you have for sure spoiled yourself, but it is ok and part of a rather unique experience.
In the winter you can just as quickly go skiing: Within 2-3 hours by car you can be in one of several ski areas, In Spain it could be Masella, La Molina which is max. 2 km away and located in the Pyrenees or it could be Grandvalira in Andorra, and it is also duty free.

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