Alte Donau, urban lake project in the middle of Vienna

Alte Donau, Facts and figures

Alte Donau, a former river branch of the Danube, is situated in the municipal districts of Floridsdorf and Donaustadt. Some 30,000 people live within a one-kilometer radius of the urban lake.

Alte Donau, ViennaThe urban lake covers a surface area of some 1.6 square kilometers, which is equivalent to over 200 football pitches. The Old Danube contains around 3.7 million cubic meters of water and has an average depth of 2.3 meters.

Due to a narrow section in the center, the urban lake is naturally divided into two large basins – the Upper Old Danube and the Untere Old Danube. To the northwest lies the “Water Park”, which was separated from the main body of water through the building of an artificial gravel embankment.

On average, up to 1.2 million bathers visit the Old Danube every year. The urban lake is thus one of the major local recreation areas for the Viennese population.

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