Romance in Salzburg

Romantic Salzburg for you and your chosen one

Romantic and beautiful Salzburg with so much history is quite unique from Mozart to Sound of Music based on a true story and it’s hard to imagine anything more charming than the castles, parks, and mountains in the backdrop of Salzburg, where the world’s most famous musical, “Sound of Music”, was created.
Music lovers will forever associate Salzburg with the well-known musical, much of it recorded in Salzburg, and a large number of the locations where the recordings took place can still be visited. And this is not a backdrop, because the film’s action is based on the real events that took place in the wake of the von Trapp family’s stay in and escape from Salzburg. Each year, 300,000 guests visit the city to walk in the footsteps of the Familien von Trapp.

Romantic Salzburg

Romantic Salzburg

In Salzburg, five different places can be dedicated, all of which can be related to the film. One option is the beautiful Mirabell Castle, where guests are welcomed with welcome drinks in the park with the many wells and fountains, after which the party continues in the Marble Hall.

Kapitelplatz-SalzburgAn alternative to Mirabell Castle is Leopoldskron Castle. Here too, the surroundings are majestic, and it will be obvious to hold the party in the “Venetian Hall”, which is costly decorated. If you want more discreet surroundings, you can choose the pavilion in Heilbrunn Palace Park – a perfect place if romance is the primary.

Of course, Villa Trapp is also on the list. The home where the real Vienna and The Danube von Trapp lived can also be rented for the wedding party.

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