Graz is Genuss Haupstadt Österreichs

Graz is for the enjoyment of life, aren’t we all, little or much?

Austria’s second-largest city, Graz, is the center of life, looking both forward and backward. If you visit Graz, you will experience new and modern architecture as well as lots of concerts and theatrical performances, and you are doing so well that in 2003 Graz was named European Capital of Culture. But at the same time, the city has managed to maintain its traditions, and the old, medieval town center is so well-preserved that it is declared a UNESCO World Heritage.

Graz - a capital of gastronomy and wine in Austria

Graz – a capital of gastronomy and wine in Austria

Graz is since 2008 “Genuss Haupstadt Österreichs”

But first and foremost it is the city of pleasure. Since 2008, the city’s official title has been “Genuss Haupstadt Österreichs”, and everyone is welcome to take a seat around the city’s well-covered table with gastronomic temptations. Graz is located in southern Austria, where both the climate, lifestyle and atmosphere are southern European, and on the hillsides you make wines that are known far beyond Austria’s borders. The markets abound with locally grown fruits and vegetables, and if you want to dive into the local gastronomy, every Saturday and Sunday guided walks around Graz. Here you pass markets and specialty shops, and of course the trip ends with a pleasurable dining experience. Another option is the popular Friday tours, featuring tasting and guided tours of a number of Graz’s famous breweries.

Is it a boat or is it an island? Island in the Mur River, Graz in Austria

In addition to festivals and art exhibitions, Graz is also known for its beautiful and varied architecture. And the contrasts are great. They range from the beautiful Renaissance town hall, built in 1550, to the ultra-modern “Island in the Mur”. In the middle of the Mur River that runs through the city, American artist Vito Acconci has erected a very futuristic building that is a middle ground between a boat and an island – the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail while the water showers by.

See the new Austrian kitchen in Graz in Austria?

So look here, it is Austrian food from famous Kleinwalsertal, that is so good enough both rustic, modern and delicious!

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