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Why travel to Mauritius? What to see? What to do?

Mauritius is a beautiful island nation located in the Indian Ocean, about 2,000 kilometers off the southeastern coast of Africa. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider traveling to Mauritius:

"Tropical: Mauritius is known for its world-class golf courses, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and lush landscapes. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy playing on challenging courses designed by renowned golfers while enjoying the stunning scenery.
Nature and Wildlife: Mauritius has a diverse range of flora and fauna, including several endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. You can visit nature reserves, national parks, and botanical gardens to explore the unique biodiversity of the island.

  • Luxury Resorts: Mauritius is known for its luxury resorts offering top-notch accommodations, world-class amenities, and impeccable service. From beachfront villas to private island resorts, there are plenty of options for luxury travelers.
  • Adventure Activities: Mauritius also offers adrenaline-pumping adventure activities such as hiking, zip-lining, quad biking, and skydiving, which are perfect for adventure seekers.
  • Attractions: Some of the popular tourist attractions in Mauritius include the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, Black River Gorges National Park, Chamarel Colored Earth, Seven Colored Earths, Le Morne Brabant, and Ile aux Cerfs.


Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius is approximately 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles) off the southeastern coast of Africa. The flight duration from mainland Africa varies depending on the departure point, but it usually takes around 4-6 hours to fly to Mauritius from major African cities. When it comes to accommodation, some of the top luxury hotels in Mauritius include The St. Regis Mauritius Resort, Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita, and Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa. However, Mauritius offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences.

Overall, Mauritius is a tropical paradise that offers a perfect blend of pristine beaches, diverse culture, thrilling water sports, stunning natural beauty, and luxury accommodations, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking an exotic and unforgettable getaway.

playing golf on the mauritius island

Can you fly directly from Europe, the US, or Asia?

Yes, you can fly to Mauritius with connecting flights. There are no direct flights from say Denmark to Mauritius as of my knowledge. Typically, you would need to take a connecting flight from Denmark to a major international hub such as Dubai, Doha, Istanbul, or a European city such as Paris, London, or Amsterdam, and then take a connecting flight from there to Mauritius.

The flight duration and routes may vary depending on the airline and the route you choose. It is best to check with airlines or travel agencies for the most up-to-date information on flight routes, schedules, and availability from Denmark to Mauritius. Additionally, be sure to check the entry requirements, visa regulations, and any travel advisories or restrictions for Mauritius before making travel plans, as they may change over time.

Top five golf courses in Mauritius

Mauritius is renowned for its world-class golf courses, offering breathtaking scenery and challenging gameplay. Here are five top golf courses in Mauritius. See them here:

Top golf courses in Mauritius

Name the best food in Mauritius

Mauritian cuisine is known for its diverse and unique flavors, influenced by the island’s rich cultural heritage, which includes Indian, African, Chinese, and European culinary traditions. Here are some of the best foods to try in Mauritius:

Dholl Puri: This popular street food in Mauritius consists of thin, crepe-like pancakes made from ground yellow split peas, filled with a spiced lentil curry and often served with chutney and pickles. It’s a delicious and satisfying dish that is loved by locals and visitors alike.

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Seafood Curry: Being an island nation, Mauritius is renowned for its fresh and delicious seafood. Seafood curries, made with a variety of fish, prawns, or octopus, cooked in a flavorful blend of spices, coconut milk, and tomatoes, are a must-try in Mauritius.

Rougaille: Rougaille is a popular Mauritian dish made with a tomato-based sauce, flavored with garlic, ginger, and spices, and often mixed with meat such as chicken, beef, or pork. It is usually served with rice, lentils, and vegetables, and is known for its rich and hearty flavors.
Gateau Piment: These deep-fried lentil cakes are a popular street food in Mauritius, known for their spicy and crispy texture. They are typically served as a snack or appetizer and are loved for their deliciously tangy and spicy flavors.

Roti Chaud: This is a staple food in Mauritius, which consists of a soft, flatbread served with various fillings such as curry, vegetables, or meat. It’s a flavorful and satisfying dish that is commonly enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Alouda: This popular Mauritian beverage is a refreshing milkshake made with milk, flavored with rose syrup, and often garnished with basil seeds or agar strands. It’s a sweet and cooling drink that is perfect for hot tropical weather.

These are just a few examples of the delicious and diverse cuisine that Mauritius has to offer. The island is a food lover’s paradise with a wide range of flavors, spices, and culinary influences from different cultures, making it a unique and memorable gastronomic experience.

5 hotels from expensive to affordable

One&Only Le Saint Géran: This is a luxury 5-star resort located on a private peninsula on the northeastern coast. It offers world-class amenities, including private beaches, a championship golf course, multiple restaurants, spa facilities, and luxurious accommodations, making it one of the most expensive hotels in Mauritius.

The St. Regis Mauritius Resort: This is another luxurious 5-star resort situated on the southwestern coast, offering a range of upscale amenities such as a private beach, infinity pools, fine dining restaurants, a luxurious spa, and elegant accommodations.

Lux* Belle Mare: This is a 5-star resort located on the eastern coast, known for its stylish and contemporary design. It features pristine white sandy beaches, multiple swimming pools, a range of dining options, a spa, and a variety of activities, making it a popular choice for luxury travelers.
Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette Resort & Spa: This is a 4-star beachfront resort located on the eastern coast, offering a range of amenities including a private beach, swimming pools, a spa, a fitness center, and multiple dining options. It is considered to be a mid-range option in terms of pricing, offering a balance between luxury and affordability.

Veranda Grand Baie Hotel & Spa: This is a 3-star hotel located in the popular tourist area of Grand Baie on the northern coast. It offers a range of amenities including a swimming pool, spa, multiple dining options, and comfortable accommodations at a relatively affordable price point compared to luxury resorts.

Please note that hotel prices and classifications can vary over time and are subject to change. It’s always best to check with specific hotels or travel agencies for the most up-to-date information on pricing and availability for your travel dates.

Mauritius, what to see, do, and where to stay

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