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Egypt, is a place to travel for all senses

Egypt’s ancient civilization and the legendary ruins that it has left behind have captured the minds of travelers since Roman times. Situated on the cusp of both Africa and the Middle East, Egypt has always been a fertile cross-fertilization of civilizations, and it’s position-combined with its coastlines with the Red Sea and the Mediterranean gives it huge amounts of sun and hot weather.

Cairo, Khan el khalili market in Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo, Khan el khalili market in Cairo, Egypt.

Many holidays in Egypt begin with a flight to Cairo’s capital city, home to about 10 million citizens and one of the world’s largest towns. Ancient Egypt’s mysteries continue here, as Cairo is host to both Giza’s Pyramids and the magnificent Great Sphinx. There are also beautiful marketplaces full of busy traders, as well as some vibrant nightclubs for those who want to party a little after midnight.

Egypt Camel ride

What to do in Egypt

Camel drive through Giza’s sunset

One of the ancient world’s seven wonders, the pyramids evoke reverence. That’s why driving in Giza’s sunset makes things to do on any Egyptian chart. The pyramids are on the plain of Giza, on the top of the dunes of Sahara. Hire a camel or horse for one, two, or four-hour sand trips that cover one hand of the pyramids. During dusk, in a brightness that is scarcely seen by tourists or even caught in images, travelers will see the pyramids and golden sands. This is one of Egypt’s most fun things to do.

Travel Amongst Luxor’s Ancient Monuments

Luxor’s modern city is located on the east bank of the Nile River, on top of Thebes ‘ ancient pharaonic base. The mosques, sculptures and monuments give a sense of the past magnificence of the region. The main attraction is Luxor Mosque, built in the late 14th century by Amenhotep III. Ramesses II’s colossal sculptures protect the temple gate, and passing among them is a beautiful sight.

Visit Ancient Tombs in the Kings Valley

The Theban Necropolis, the Kings Valley, sits across the river from Luxor. There are over 60 underground tombs here, constructed as early as the 16th century BC for the mummies of New Kingdom pharaohs. The pharaohs are buried amid magnificent hieroglyphs with their earthly riches. For tour the most popular tomb–that of boy king Tutankhamun–you will have to pay an extra EGP 100 on top of the standard ticket price.

One of the most scenic ways to see the ancient wonders around Luxor and Aswan is to sign up for a multi-day trip on the River Nile. There are countless different options, including traditional steamships such as the S.S. Sudan for cruisers with comfort such as the Oberoi Zahra. The latter has a spa and swimming pool on deck. Budget travelers could discover a typical felucca on a no-frills ride.

Look for shoes, jewelry, and perfumes in Islamic Cairo The center of the Islamic empire in Egypt lies behind the walled city. Although beautiful mosques can thrill history and art lovers, Islamic Cairo’s streets are also home to the world’s oldest shopping center. From this spot you can go on a walking tour alone and buy loads of oriental shoes, leather bags, and even Egyptian itra and aromatic spices. There, your negotiating abilities can help a lot, as there’s no way to tell which product really is worth it.

Look at the Royal Jewelry Museum’s exclusive gems, Alexandria

Alexandria’s town is a mysterious place. There was a period when there lived and studied here a variety of famous Greek thinkers. The Romans later set up an army here as well. Although Alexandria’s library is no longer there to read books, you can still visit the museum of jewelry that is Fatima Haider’s private collection. Trust us, one of the best things to do in Egypt is to visit this site.

Explore the City of the Dead

One of the world’s largest cemeteries, hauntingly beautiful is Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen. The graveyard is spread over many kilometers, consisting of rows and rows of conical white roof. All Muslims and Christians used the burial ground. It is situated just outside Minya City and is the ideal opportunity to capture weird beauty at sunrise and sunset on your camera. You can also see a fourth pyramid of the empire here, the only one constructed on the Nile’s eastern banks.

Making the Pilgrimage Up Mount Sinai

Located near Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula, Mount Sinai is a site of pilgrimage for Christians who claim Moses saw the Burning Bush and obtained the Ten Commandments afterwards. The monastery of St. Catherine with its museum full of religious artifacts and objects stands at the foot of the mountain. The peak has two routes: the demanding Repentance Measures, or the more accommodating Camel Path.

Crossing the Suez Canal in Port Said

Port Said’s coastal city represents the northern entry into the ancient Suez Canal. Step along the coastal boardwalk of the port to see the supertankers making their journey from the Atlantic to the Red Sea. Step on the free ferries sailing from Port Said to Port Fuad to see a crossing for yourself. You must cross the border between Africa and Asia on the way through.

Animal Care help in Luxor

This one is for all of you fans of pets out there. Luxor is also host to ACE, known for its hundreds of tombs, an organization that guarantees that Egypt’s working animals are not neglected. The site gets plenty of tourists to see qualified vets take care of overworked ponies, donkeys, stray dogs, and cats. Additionally, you can easily stay here for a few weeks and volunteer to help, which is definitely one of Egypt’s most unforgettable events. Although they want paws, in one of the world’s oldest countries, you get all sorts of pet therapy. This is one of Egypt’s most rewarding non-tourist stuff to do.

Scuba Dive at Hurghada

Egypt’s Red Sea coast is famed for the city of Hurghada, which provides some fun things to do in December in Egypt. Together with coral reefs, crystal clear seas and sandy beaches, the beautiful scenery here makes the perfect spot for diving and snorkeling. There are many things you can participate in in in Egypt, but that’s quite interesting, isn’t it? We assume that your travel without a visit to the Grand Aquarium in Hurghada would be incomplete.

Purchase papyrus in Giza

One of the greatest achievements of the Egyptian civilization is paper creation. In fact, they produced pulp-derived writing material from the papyrus plant that is still developing along the Nile. Visitors at the Papyrus Institute in Giza (which is where the pyramids are) are rewarded with a show of how they think the first paper made by Egyptians. Ironically, papyrus is one of Egypt’s most famous items to buy, and you can conveniently get your hands on papyrus souvenirs here to recall your visit to Egypt in a very meaningful way.

Luksushotel i Sharm el Sheikh, Egypten

Luxury hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Where to stay in Egypt

The 5 star Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano oozes luxury style for beach lovers and promises an exclusive coastal experience. Their individually furnished rooms are elegant and trendy, while Italian and Lebanese restaurants and spa services are open.

The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh has its own private beach and coral reef-ideal for a snorkeling location. This trendy location offers a variety of international cuisine, a beauty center and massive swimming pools.

The Royal Savoy is a 5-star location that historically provides luxury and Egyptian lodging. With private villas and a variety of restaurants open, this is a perfect stop.
Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel offers luxurious lodging and a golf course of its own. You can hire private yachts and go exploring the sea, but you can also experience many other water sports.

For a luxurious escape in Egypt

The Steigenburger Hotel Cecil is a landmark hotel with a modern façade and amazing old-world interiors reminiscent of a different era. There are two excellent restaurants and balconies with ocean views and luxurious curtains and antiques.

Kempinski Nile Hotel is an incredible 5 star luxurious riverside live. Offering stunning contemporary classic suites, you can relax in the pool, enjoy great Italian restaurant meals and enjoy drinks from the rooftop bar.

In a historic building with a grandiose classical façade and tropical gardens, Sofitel Karnak Luxor is situated. You will enjoy their typical dream-like lodging, as well as the delicious French meals served up.

Al Moudira Hotel is a beautifully luxurious location on Luxor’s West Bank with four poster beds and antiques as well as a swimming pool and spa. Eat delicious meals from their restaurant and chill while listening to jazz in the leafy courtyard.

In the desert in Egypt

Albabenshal provides easy rooms from £ 25 a night in a desert guest house. This mud brick house oozes rustic charm and a rooftop terrace can be enjoyed as well.

In the center of the Siwa Oasis, Siwa Villa provides easy quarters. Relax with an open fireplace on the rooftop terrace and use the private chef on demand.

Adrere Amellal is a luxury eco-lodge in the desert providing typical furniture in sandstone quarters. Escape the heat of the sun with a cool dip in the pool and experience al-fresco dining with local organic food.

If you love food, try these excellent restaurants i Egypt

Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza is a 5-star restaurant with a fantastic location on the water. Offers luxury rooms and cafes that are Italian, Chinese and conventional. It’s a top-notch place with two massive baths, a nice spa and stunning views.

The Mena House Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel situated around the Pyramids’ corner. There are also several dining options and a top-of-the-range spa with elegantly conventional rooms with four poster chairs, kilim rugs and antiques.

Based west of Cairo, The Gabriel provides modern lodging with lots of dark shades. However, their Salt restaurant serves Mediterranean and Asian food with award-winning fusion.

First Residence Cairo Four Seasons is a grand 5-star residence with a luxury look. Their luxurious rooms have been designed with luxury and offer views of the Nile, while there are no fewer than three top restaurants. Spend your days in the gym, swimming pool, and tennis match.

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