Cruise to the Bahamas from Florida.

Cruise to the Bahamas from Florida for almost no money.

Cruise to the Bahamas. Two girls from Denmark studying in Florida needed a few days’ breaks and they got lucky or clever. This is their story. 

We studied in Florida and had a week off before returning to Denmark. My girlfriend and I needed a vacation badly and wanted something different. After doing a little bit of research, we found ourselves with so many cruise holiday opportunities in Florida. With both of our students, our top priority was to find a package that suits our budget.

Without any previous cruise experience under our belt, we took the opportunity and bought a 4-day cruise ticket from Port Canaveral, Florida to the Bahamas. We bought the trip through Carnival at a student-friendly price of $ 150 inclusive of meals and non-alcoholic drinks. We thought it was a great deal and we were right.

Florida cruise 2. what a deck

Florida cruise 2. what a deck

The ship, which was supposed to take us on the unexpected cruise in Florida, is called Carnival Fascination and the theme of that trip was nothing short of Hollywood so that the Beverly Hills bar, casino a lot and great shows were offered. Check-in went smoothly and the ship was overwhelming in the best American style. We were there at the end of December, so the ship was really ornate with garlands and all sorts of Christmas decorations, so one can say the stoning was set. The cabin was also nothing to put a finger on. Small but in clean and nice condition and extremely well appointed with two single beds and bathroom. On the table there was some information about the ship and its many options including a dress code for the various restaurants. We especially appreciated that no less than two of the evenings we were invited to dinner in the captain’s lounge with a formal dress code. After unpacking, it was time to explore the huge ship, which is 855 feet, accommodating 2056 guests and 920 crew members.

Florida cruise 1. ready for ocean mini golf

Florida cruise 1. ready for ocean mini golf

The ship on that Florida cruise was just so awesome

We had read about the ship and its plentiful offers and activities, but we were totally surprised by how many activities you could join. On the top deck of the ship, there were mini golf and water slides and on the middle deck a large swimming pool, sun loungers, and 2 spas.

Florida cruise 2.

Florida cruise 2.

In addition, there were many restaurants and especially the free chocolate fountain aroused enthusiasm. In addition, the ship was equipped with a casino, theater hall with shows, a sea a good restaurants, auctions fitness room, discos, piano bars etc. Especially the food was of surprisingly good quality, and the two times we were invited on three course dinner in the Captain’s lounge were the service and the food even exquisite.

Florida cruise 1. cuban cigars?

The morning started with a good breakfast buffet, after which there was a painting auction at 10 o’clock. It was clear that very few of the guests had come to buy art, but they came to experience an auction and get free champagne, this was also the reason why we trooped up. The evenings on the ship were used in a piano bar, where there was a very entertaining pianist followed by a show with a talented group of artists,  that could both sing and dance professionally. At the end of the evening, we joined an outdoor pool party with live music and colorful drinks. As mentioned, there is an abundance of activities for all ages on board, and thus it is a good way for families to travel on if one likes to travel ‘the American way’. We thought it was a lot of fun to try, and we enjoyed it in full, but when that was said, we were also happy that it didn’t last longer than the 4 days.

Florida to the Bahamas


Day 1 Nassau Bahamas

We boarded in the afternoon in Port Canaveral, for our Florida cruise, and the trip was perfectly organized so that we sailed at night (except last day home), so you had the whole day to see the different places where you were made. Our trip included a day at Nassau Bahamas and one day in Freeport, Grand Bahamas, and a day at sea where you could enjoy the ship and the blue ocean.

When we arrived in the morning, the first one that met us was three other giant cruise lines that were at the same port, and of course, there were plenty of taxis waiting to transport tourists to the various sights that were been recommended. Besides the cruise lines, we were also greeted by the iconic Atlantis hotel, which stands large and pink surrounded by the clearest blue water. We quickly found a taxi that drove us out to a lovely beach where we spent the day. We had happily chosen one where there were not too many tourists, and after a lovely day of bathing and walking we found a cozy beach bar and enjoyed a cold afternoon beer. It turned out, however, that some tourists had found their way to the same bar and had been drinking there all day, so there were life and happy days. In the afternoon, it was time to head for the ship again, and that evening we sailed north to Freeport Grand Bahama, which is off West Palm Beach, Florida.

Day 2 on the cruise to The Bahamas: Freeport Grand Bahama

As soon as the ship was in the harbor, we set out on an adventure. Even though we were here with other cruise lines, too
both the harbor and the island are very charming. The shops and houses were in all colors, and you felt comfortable from the start. The day offered delicious (almost untouched) beaches, cozy shopping at the marketplace close to the harbor and good food in the best Bahama style. If you have the desire and time, there are also good opportunities for snorkeling, diving and seeing two national parks. That said, we had a fantastic day, which was fine for what we had set ourselves. When visiting the Bahamas, as in many other places, you must take care of the tourist traps.

 Florida cruise 1. Cuban cigars

The biggest is probably that many of the stores advertise selling real Cuban cigars at one third of the price, promising you can get them into the US. This is of course not true and it is neither real cigars they sell nor is it possible to get them into the US.
After two wonderful days on two different islands, it was time again to head for the ship and Florida.

Day 3 goes back to Port Canaveral on our cruise to the Bahamas

The trip back to Port Canaveral was absolutely delicious. We had sun and quite a calm sailing, so we could really enjoy the day on the ship and get the last experiences. We spent the day in the full sun on the deck with chocolate fondue, free cold drinks, a spa, and a pool.
I can definitely recommend the trip for that price and it is hugely fun to try a cruise in such an exaggeration
American style, as was the case with Carnival Cruises.

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