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New Zealand, a visit from the sea

New Zealand cruise: To visit the amazing country from the Lord of the Rings universe from the sea- Can you do that? Yes sure. Read how it could be experienced here.
One of the most attractive ways to travel has always been by sea. The big discoveries of land and people have all been done that way. Now you can embark on your own discovery adventures.
You have plenty of time onboard, no stress, you feel the salt and plenty of oxygen in the sea breeze, you use all your senses. See the destination grow bigger and bigger on the horizon as the expectation to meet a new country also grows.
With today’s cruises, there is a wealth of travel opportunities. Here, Traveltalk serves some selected ideas for cruise destinations, all of which can be reached with Princess, one of the world’s leading cruise lines.

Rotorua, Pohutu Krydstogt New Zealand

Rotorua, Pohutu Crusing New Zealand

Fiordland National Park Fiordland

National Park in New Zealand is undisputedly one of the world’s most beautiful national parks. On a New Zeland Princess cruise of 11 days or more, you have  the opportunity to visit what Rudyard Kipling, the famous author, called “the 8th wonder of the world.” The National Park is especially accessible from the waterfront, as other visits to New Zealand. made on this New Zeland cruise. Fiordland National Park was named National Park in 1952 and ended on the prestigious UNESCO Heritage List in 1990. You will experience stunningly beautiful fjords with the purest deep water cut dramatically from the ice age, a work of sculpting the landscape for millions of years. Inland you see deep lakes with an almost prehistoric untouched and snow-capped mountain rising to the sky. The Lord of the Rings was filmed here, but also many other places in New Zealand were used in the famous triology. Behind the front mountains hides deep rainforests and amazing waterfalls. At the coast there is good opportunity to watch dolphins frolic, and penguins shoot through the water after their prey or waddle around and take care of eggs on the beach.

Tauranga Krydstogt New Zealand

Tauranga Krydstogt New Zealand

Tauranga and Totorua, the heart of the Maori culture

There is also time to go to Tauranga, which is a busy port and opens onto Rotorua which is a geothermal landscape. (Geothermally influenced landscapes we know from eg Iceland) And Tauranga is the heart of the Maori culture. We are staying at the foot of Mount Maunganui, from where you can see the views towards the magnificent beaches near Omokoroa and Pahoia. It is possible to try “Big-game” fishing and visit the thermal sources and not least study the Maori’s culture and art, not least music. A New Zealand cruise is a journey for life flock or not. It’s just the way it is.

wine-regions-in-new-zealand krydstogter

Wine regions of New Zealand

New Zealand cruise and wine tasting

As you know, New Zealand produces excellent wines in the wine perfect environment on several of the islands. In the port city of Picton, you can taste many of the best wines, for example, from the South Island Marlborough Valley producers. Not least the white Sauvignon Blanc is well known. In this area, the terroir is perfect for white wines with sunny days and cool nights. A wine brand to look for could be Cloudy Bay near the Wairau River. From Naiper you can reach Hawke´s Bay with more than 140 wine producers. It is easy to find a wine tasting here in beautiful surroundings even.
When you are back home after this New Zealand cruise, you may soon be ready to find your next sea cruise. Look below.

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