Sleep in a barn: Drop the traditional hotel?

Sleeping in a barn, alternatives to the traditional hotel stay.

The relatively new hot hotel trend in the United States says: Back to nature and sleep in a barn. Take in the rustic and primitive (to a point) architecture, be one with nature or close. The United States is a pioneer when it comes to original and back to nature like hotel concepts: Drop the comfy hotel, find a barn to sleep in, but not any barn, mind you. Or sleep in a tree house?
It is actually among the most popular ways to vacation in the United States according to HomeAway. Places like Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma, Spirit Lake, Iowa, and Hill Country in Texas are among the fastest growing in terms of nights spent in this category of the new hotel trend in the United States.
The new hotel trend in the US also tells us, that people would like to go back to nature and seeks a taste of an uncomplicated life with ecological food and respect for nature, even if it is only for a few days. Places close to national parks and beautiful scenery are very popular.

It can be whole country houses, you rent from the owners, or a more or less primitive barn or even houseboats or sleeping in tree houses.

Barns instead of Hotels

Barns instead of Hotels

Sleep in a barn in Woodstock, Vermont with room for  8 persons

It is not only in the three mentioned states that the new hotel trend in the US is seen. It is eg. also in Woodstock, Vermont (North-Eastern United States), right next to a busy river and it easily accommodates 6-8 people. Or book a vineyard in Sonoma, California? Perfect if you treasure not to moving very far for the mandatory wine tasting.


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