Lombok, Indonesia – Bali’s beautiful little sister

Lombok from volcanoes to deep-sea diving, Bali’s neighbor island

Lombok is possibly the next Bali, just smaller. See this captivating video of Lombok, Indonesia, a neighboring island to Bali growing in popularity every month. You can jump on a little ferry to travel here and get one more original Indo island to see. The music is very heartfelt and local! 🙂

Lombok, Panorama mountain view above the cloud and blue sky. Rinjani mountain, Lombok island, Indonesia

Lombok, Panorama mountain view above the cloud and blue sky. Rinjani mountain, Lombok island, Indonesia

About the island of Lombok

“This Indonesian island is part of the small group of Sunda islands. It is separated from Bali west of the Lombok Strait and from Sumbawa to the east of Alas Strait. The island is almost perfectly round with a diameter of about 70 km and a total area of ​​4,725 The island’s administrative capital and main city is Mataram. In 1990 there were 2,403,025 inhabitants on the island. The island is characterized by the large volcano Rinjani which is 3,726 m high and is thus the third highest in Indonesia.

Tropical resort on Kuta sand beach, Lombok, Indonesia

Tropical resort on Kuta sand beach, Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok, Indonesia is located just east of Bali and west of another Indonesian island known as Sumbawa. Both belong to a chain of islands called the Sunda Islands. Lombok is in the category of “undisturbed tropical holiday island paradise” in start contrast to Bali. Several Danish travel agencies are now launching Lombok, also in connection with and as a combination for trips to Bali.

Lombok is especially known for its dazzling beaches, surfing (specifically in Kuta and Banko in southern Lombok), diving submarine reefs and snorkeling in pristine waters, great nature experiences like watching sea turtles and excursions at sea, and many more.”

This image shows some colourful beach umbreallas and pillows in Kuta, Bali

This image shows some colorful beach umbrellas and pillows in Kuta, Bali

Located to the south Lombok, Kuta Beach is known for its white sandy beaches and seawater so crystal clear you can see the coral reefs from the top of a nearby hill. It’s the most well-known beach in Lombok, which makes it the most visited also. Kuta has a large variety of accommodations and restaurants, ranging from backpacker offerings to 5-star luxury resorts. Kuta offers world-class surfing, including at nearby Gerupuk. Most people come to Kuta in Lombok to just relax out on the beach. Snorkeling is another popular activity.


Diving places and experience in Lombok

This beautiful round island can offer many amazing travel experiences. At the top of the list is “Adventure travel”. If you’re a looking for a unique and untouched tropical paradise experience, and you want to get there before it becomes mainstream, but still value comfort and safety, Lombok is the perfect place for you. Pristine white sandy beaches with rugged cliffs and inland towering volcanoes make Lombok both new and a unique destination with great beauty.

Tourism outside the biggest cities Mataram and Senggigi remain untouched, making it the perfect place to explore and experience local culture.
Enjoy the beaches, have your adrenaline pump in some of the south coast dive sites and spend time with the friendly locals. If you’re looking for great fish and diverse sea life away from commercial diving sites, this neighbor island to Bali is an excellent choice.

Lombok, Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

On the southern part of the island are the best areas to visit Belongas Bay, Kuta, Tampah and Gerupuk Bay. Diving places range from gradually submerged terrain to steep underwater cliffs. There is also a cave on Belongas Bay worth exploring.

Sekotong is in the southwest of Lombok, a treasure chest of pristine dive sites, many of which were first discovered recently.

Diving is relatively easy and therefore welcoming to new divers. This makes it a great place and a very cheap place to get a diving certification. It is always easier to jump in water that is 25 degrees always.

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