Skagen, where 2 seas meet to kiss

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Skagen in Denmark, where sun, sea, and ocean meet in perfect harmony

Skagen is a historic place in Jutland (Danish mainland connected to Germany and mainland Europe) and nowadays a  place for the trendy and cool crowd, but also a place to visit for all of us, cause when summer finally hits Denmark, it is the place to be with such exuberance and an almost mythical aura. Eating lobsters drinking white wine or simply just as gratifying Danish hot dogs with a local beer on the wide, wide beach.

Skagen Lighthouse in Denmark

Skagen Lighthouse in Denmark

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Skagen is all about summer food, music, the light,and the freshest sea and air possible.

Skagen is the most northern place in Denmark not counting Greenland. Skagen is a unique place, where waves of the sea meet from different directions, where painters and artists for centuries have found deep inspiration and where the intangible of things. Taking in the blueish strong light and the salty air is a rare joy. You feel stronger, more relaxed, perhaps happier to be here.

Drømmer du også om sol og sommer disse dage? Så se denne skønne stemningsvideo med eventyrlige sommerbilleder fra Skagen. Vi glæder os allerede – del gerne! 🙂

Geplaatst door Skagen Turistbureau op Vrijdag 13 januari 2017

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