Zillertal – active vacation for the whole family

Zillertal is the perfect spot for an active family summer vacation

Zillertal is one of the most visited places in the Austrian Alps during the summer. Here is a number of reasons why.

As one of Austria’s most popular destinations, summer holidays in Zillertal are a very family-friendly travel option. Surrounded by high mountains stretching more than three kilometers up, the beautiful and sun-drenched valley invites you to activities for the adventurous and relaxing and socializing for the whole family. Let’s look at the possibilities!

Zillertal bjergvandring i solskinZillertal mountain walk in the sunshine

Mountain hike on summer vacation in the Zillertal

For mountain hikers, the possibilities are almost endless in the Zillertal. In the valley are the relatively flat routes where the whole family can join, while the panorama tours are naturally high up in the mountains. One has even established 115 kilometers especially for Nordic walking and running routes. If classic hiking is not challenging enough, you can try your hand at the raw rock sides, both with real climbing routes and a number via ferrata routes. Here you are secured on the steepest passages via steel wires that are bolted to the rocks, and the ferrata routes are level divided by difficulty so that you can bring children on the lightest routes. And the children’s possibilities are very much thought of. It almost guarantees that a summer holiday in the Zillertal brings the family together. Activity parks such as the Erlebnisberg Spieljoch and Fichtenschloss are a hit among the family’s youngest. The latter is a large activity park with rope and climbing path, suspension bridge and streams, while the Familienberg Spieljoch offers rock climbing, gold digging adventure, minizoo and Flying Fox – a nerve-racking hike, where you are connected to a stretched steel wire.Zillertal bjergvandringZillertal mountain hiking

Bike out and take the train back to the hotel

An extremely popular activity is cycling, and with 1,200 kilometers of bike tracks and roads available, there is plenty to do, whether you prefer mountain biking, downhill biking or road biking.
Experts can challenge each other on the steep and difficult Isskogel Single Trail, which offers steep curves, jumps and drops. If you prioritize your stay with others the highest, then Zillertaler Radweg sets up for family outings, because the route is built along the Ziller River, where you experience the beautiful and lush landscape of the valley close by. Along the route, the Zillertalbahn’s local train also runs, and it does not cost extra to bring the bike, so many people choose to go by bike and return by train. In the Zillertal you want everyone with – also those who need a little extra help in the hilly terrain – so everywhere there is rental of electric bikes, and in the valley you find more than 30 charging stations. Before jumping into the saddle, the tourist agencies help with planning and a large number of routes are described with length, the height profile of the mountain and GPS data


Water sports, another fun activity for all

At the bottom of the 47-kilometer-long valley, the Ziller River winds to the north, where it flows into the Inn River. And the water has been used to the delight of Zillertal’s tourists, who have the opportunity to relax in a number of outdoor swimming pools such as the experience thermal bath Zillertal, just as the bathing lake Schlitters is very popular. A beautiful sight is also Zillertal’s 15 different waterfalls, where the water masses fall over the edge and atomized in the sun’s rays. Finally, you can – even in the middle of the summer holidays – feel the water in the frozen state by going on an excursion to the Hintertux glacier. The glacier and the surrounding mountains offer hiking trails with panoramic views, cottages serving hearty lunches and a unique wildlife where you can experience whistling marmots and mountain goats.
The river and the many waterfalls also provide canyoning and rafting. A number of adventure agencies offer adrenaline-inducing canyoning tours, where you climb on the rocks, as well as rappels and jumps in the waterfalls. Or experience the river in solid and manoeuvrable rafting boats, where you are rushing past rocky cliffs and whirlpools at full speed.

zillertal paragliding

Experience paragliding, where world cups are held

Spieljoch is not just the place the children prefer, it is also the paraglider’s paradise. In fact, the Zillertal is considered one of Europe’s best spots for paragliding, and several times the World Cup for paragliders has been held in the area. Experienced pilots are welcome to set up paragliders themselves, while less experienced can book tandem trips at one of the many adventure agencies in the valley.

In the air, majestic birds of prey are also floating on the lookout for the day’s meal, and if you want to experience the fascinating animals close by, eagle and falconry shows are arranged on the Mount Ahorn near Mayrhofen. Here – at a height of more than two kilometers – you can experience the beautiful birds show their skills in hunting and air acrobatics, while the falconers tell about breeding and training.

zillertal activcard

Save money with an Activcard

An active holiday with lifts, entrances, and transport can quickly charge the budget, but with a Zillertaler Activcard in hand, much money can be saved. The card is available for six, nine or twelve days and provides access to ten of the area’s lifts, six different outdoor pools, and Zillertal’s public transport options. In addition, good discounts are given by several partners.

Pure spring water for Tirol’s oldest brewery provides delicious beer

When you get thirsty for your summer vacation in the Zillertal, don’t look long for either spring water or an ice cold freshly brewed beer. Mountain bikers and hikers can stay at 150 different cabins and eateries in the terrain, where lunch – such as a Jausen plate with speck, local cheese specialties and bread – is popular. Thirst is easy to handle, as the water springs from a number of sources in the terrain that provide some of Tirol’s best and cleanest drinking water. The crystal clear water is also used for beer production, including in Tirol’s oldest brewery in Zell am Ziller, which produces the popular Zillertal beers.


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