Samoa offers the dream come true of tropical paradise islands

Samoa, one of the last unspoiled tropical islands

Have you ever dreamed of getting on a plane and flying to an island getaway where the calm waters meet on the golden shores and the palm trees dance with the cool sea breeze? Have you ever dreamed of being hugged by the calming heat of the unadulterated sun? Well, it’s time for you to know that there is a place like this, just waiting for you to arrive and feel the love that it can give you. It is called Samoa.

South side of Upolu, Samoa Islands. Oceania

South side of Upolu, Samoa Islands. Oceania

Samoa is located in the Pacific Ocean about 3,500 miles off the east coast of Australia; Although the islands are located just after the International Date Line, there is an almost 24-hour time difference between Apia, the capital, and Cairns in North Queensland.

A slow awakening to tourism

The islands are slowly awakening to tourism and, unlike other areas within the Pacific region, tourism development in the area has consequently been poor. The benefit of this for visitors coming to the area is that they are rewarded with some of the most unspoiled and breathtaking scenery anywhere in the world. Populated by proud and powerful people who are as warm and welcoming today as their fierce and brave ancestors in days gone by, the locals are as attracted to Samoa as the inherent natural beauty of the islands.

Samoa has it all: pristine beaches, rainforests, and volcanic mountains

Samoa is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Boosting pristine beaches, rainforests, and mountains, the island group is the most sought-after tourist destination. Samoa is known for its rich cultural and natural heritage. Whether you’re a nature lover, on vacation with your family, or on a honeymoon trip, Samoa has something for everyone. In addition to unspoiled beaches and picturesque beaches, there is much more that Samoa Tourism offers you. Some of the best tourist attractions in Samoa are:

Samoa is ranked among the most beautiful islands in the world. The waterfalls that fall into the natural ponds will conquer you. The beauty of the intact rainforest with the natural flora and fauna is breathtaking and the beauty that extends above and below sea level cannot be missed. Samoa offers completely untouched and unspoiled beauty.

Samoa is a group of islands located in the central Pacific region and with water around it, it offers countless sports activities. You can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, and much more. Samoa is the only place that offers you to swim with turtles in sapphire water. Coral reefs provide a wide variety of fish and other aquatic life that will be absorbed into your heart.

Samoa is full of natural life and culture. You can take a look at the culture and local life. There are many festivals, social gatherings and rituals that you can participate in during your stay in Samoa.

Where to stay in Samoa

Many hotels in Samoa offer you a glimpse into the lives of the locals. Samoans are welcoming and overwhelming traditional ceremonies that highlight people’s culture. Tourists have the opportunity to participate in these ceremonies such as the fire knife dance and a special game.

Samoans have a rich culture and love how they live. Traditional practices that guide the way people live enrich their souls. Tourists not only appreciate culture but also indulge in practices to learn a moral perspective.

Samoa is also known for its incredible delights. The seafood you eat is all fresh and all the fish and prawns are caught only the same day. If you want a unique meal, enjoy these native dishes in Samoa’s hotel restaurants. These dishes are combined with fresh vegetables and fruits grown on the island.

A vacation that offers a tropical setting, green surroundings, coral reefs, and calm beaches that can help you find the peace and tranquility you are looking for. Samoa offers several accommodation options, although tourists often love to stay in the open beach huts called fales, allowing you to glimpse the local Samoan lifestyle.

Samoa’s climate is warm and humid, but generally with a refreshing sea breeze that makes the coast the preferable place to hang out. The best time to visit the country is between June and October. A cold Vailima beer (the award-winning local beer) is great to enjoy after a busy day at the beach.

Samoa National Park offers some of the best scenery, reefs, coastlines, and tropical forests. There are three parks located on the four separate islands. Lata Mountain here offers wild and remote forests with free-flowing streams and a beautiful coastline. This place has access to coral reefs and magnificent beaches. This park forms a line for the volcanic islands and provides a path for easy access to forests and natural wildlife.

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