If any place on Earth has the right to be called lonely yet beautiful, Norfolk Island is that place. Located in the middle of the South Pacific, a lonely spot in a million square miles of the wild ocean, this island is home to one of the most isolated communities on Earth. It is located some 1,600 km northeast of Sydney, halfway between New Caledonia and New Zealand.

Norfolk Island was selected as an ideal penal colony location thanks to its remoteness and economic potential. The first settlers arrived in 1788 and began building a prison and other city facilities. The jail and several other buildings remain today and are often said to be the best examples of all of Australia’s convict sites, so much so that it has earned UNESCO World Heritage status. Kingston, located in Slaughter Bay, is the main city of the island. Many of its buildings have been restored and now house museums and galleries documenting Norfolk Island’s historical past. A couple of history tours to feast on are the Convict Settlement Tour, where you will walk through the cemetery and hear the story of interesting convicts and colonial headstones, hear stories about the houses along Quality Row, and walk through the Gaol ruins or Night as a Convict where you can dress like a convict and join the Commander for a night of joy, feasting, singing and dancing.

Ruins, Norfolk Island.

Ruins, Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island is famous for its pine trees and this symbol is also the feature on the territory’s flag. Norfolk Island is home to more than 170 native plants and is a breeding ground for various types of seabirds. Despite its colonial history, not all of Norfolk’s ancestors are English, in fact, some were Polynesian, and this influence is still strong in local cuisine and hula dance today.

Norfolk Sunset at Norfolk Bay

Norfolk Sunset at Norfolk Bay, see the link to the local tourist site here at traveltalk

Excellent seafood in Norfolk

Food is excellent in Norfolk as well, and along with fresh seafood, you can get plenty of delicious food as the island specializes in seasonal farm-to-table produce. The island is covered in grazing cows, lamb and dairy products come from New Zealand, and Norfolk has many specialty offerings, including delicious dishes from Hilli Goat Farm and its own boutique winery. Surprisingly, alcohol is very affordable and if you produce your boarding pass the local bottle store will give you a 30% discount on your purchases!

Norfolk Island Golf course

Norfolk Island has its own golf course, complete with the heritage clubhouse that is open for meals, even if you are not playing golf. It has an excellent position with beautiful views and is popular with locals and visitors alike. The Island’s golf club is a little piece of Pebble Beach in the South Pacific and is perhaps the most daunting nine-holer in Australasia.

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