Cancun, Mexico where the beaches whisper: Come to me

Playa del Carmen in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico is synonymous with cool beaches, drinks with cute parasols and plenty of ocean time as a diver or just snorkel diving. There is room for everything.
Playa del Carmen in Cancun, Mexico is easily coping in the fierce competition for the best subtropical and tropical beaches in the world, but Mexico’s beaches are always at the top generally. 
In addition, the price is affordable for most people, and there is plenty to see in Mexico besides your own sun tanned stomach on the beach and the infinity of sand and blue sea. 

Carmen del Playa. From a Mexican sleepy village to classy beach resort 

Playa del Carmen, Mexico, not so long ago had a real Mexican provincial coastal town atmosphere with fishing boats on the beach and roaming dogs in search of a treat. No more, now Carmen is lively and full of lovely restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs. And the beach is one of the most popular along the Yucatan’s 1600 km long coastline. It’s been hip here for a long time, but still less crowded than Cancun. Celebs and those aspiring to probably also going to be seen here, but there is ample space for everyone, so find your own spot and enjoy the warmth and the noise of waves rolling onto the beach.

Cancun Mexico

Cancun Mexico

Why travel on vacation to Cancun, Mexico?

Playa del Carmen is as mentioned in the Cancun area on the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is one of the most famous resorts in Mexico. Cancun is also just a short voyage from Cuba, so if you are touring the Caribbean or Central America it is a tempting idea to combine these countries in the trip. The Cayman Islands are also nearby 🙂

Cancun (see also the map below) is located in Quintana Roo, which was central to the Mayan culture. You will find many exciting ruins and signs of Mayan culture everywhere. Cancun is right on the Caribbean Sea and you can see the coral reefs from the beach and may well be overwhelmed by the special color of the sea, “Mexico Blue?”

El Templo del Alacrán

See the amazing Maya culture in Cancun, Mexico

It is highly recommended to visit some of the amazing Mayan archaeological sites and ruins that testify to this mythical culture that is richly unfolded in Central and South America for 1000 years ago before our time. Also, see more about the Mayans in Guatemala. A great place to visit is the archaeological excavations at El Rey or El Templo del Alacrán (Scorpio Temple). You can also visit a very different Aqua Theme Park in Xel-Ha.

Xel-Ha Park (Parque Xel-Há) is a commercial aquatic theme park and ecotourism development located on the Caribbean coast of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, in the municipality of Solidaridad.
It’s like diving into the Caribbean Sea and seeing the amazing marine wildlife right in front of you in this aqua theme park, one of the most beautiful in the world. The owners behind also have several theme parks in Mexico

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More travel tips to Cancun, Mexico

Tips: Visit the  Secret River and there see Xibalbá, “the Mayan underworld” and  Xcaret, the most important eco-archeological park in all of Mexico, with a great opportunity of feeling how it was to live in the vast jungles of Mexico at the time, without you having  to use the machete to cut your way through real jungle. Xibalbá is the place that landed Cancun 2. place as the world´s best summer vacation spot in 2016 in Tripadvisor-

Mas Mexico

  • The Panamericana race in Mexico
    A really fantastic story that tells a little about Mexico in the good old days when driving the world’s most dangerous car race through large parts of Mexico so the chickens jumped for life in Porsche, Mercedes, and American Studebakers. Panamericana race. An iconic car race. You could even drive the route and see Mexico on a road trip?
  • Cozumel for real relaxation and diving

Panamericana in Mexico, one of the most iconic car races ever


Cozumel, Mexico´s biggest island, a diver’s heaven




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