On a culinary excusion in Kleinwalsertal, Austria

Sustainability and respect for the culinary traditions of the Kleinwalsertal

Sustainability and respect for the culinary traditions are keywords in the Kleinwalsertal, and this applies not least to local gastronomy. At a time when globalization and modern technology are gaining ground, farmers and restaurants in the Kleinwalsertal have gone back to the roots to preserve the best of the area’s traditions in terms of cultivation, processing and food preparation. And this is not just a clever marketing trick, because it has committed to adhere to a number of guiding principles, and it has led to both a flourishing of local agriculture and exciting further development of the area’s gastronomy and culinary traditions in the Kleinwalsertal.

Kulinarische Talwanderung Birkenhoehe Kleinweissertal, Austria

Streifzug durch die Genussregion

The new initiatives driven by the rediscovery of the culinary traditions of the Kleinwalsertal have been so successful that culinary tours are now being organized around the area. On these trips, known as the “Streifzug durch die Genussregion”, participants become more aware of the interaction between farmers, hunters, dairies, bakeries and restaurants, and much is done to convey the sustainability that underlies it all.

The tours take place every Thursday during the period from May 18 to November 2, starting at 9:30 at the Walserhaus Hirschegg, where star chef Herbert Edlinger receives. Under his leadership, the participants take an exciting hike that extends “from ground to table” and of course ends with a joint enjoyable picnic. Adults pay 25 euros to participate, and accompanying children up to 14 years of age come for free.

Austria is full of culinary temptations and excellent wine

These years there is rapid development in Austria’s gastronomy and wine growing and self-understanding. Who are we, what is our food tradition, how can we develop it in respect of the old virtues, how can we draw on history and refine and modernize it without compromising the food culture and history we are rounded off? These are some of the essential questions that have brought the new brilliant results to the delight of you and me.

Austrian wine has become highly respected. Veltliner is one of the world´s most enticing white wines but there are many more. And a number of the grape varieties are only growing in Austria. Wine production is highly regulated and much bigger and better, than most people know.

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