Phuket, Thailand: A Paradise in Southeast Asia

Phuket in Thailand, one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

Phuket has become more than an exotic destination with big drinks and small prices. Many Westerners have a summer house there now. But of course mainly used during the winter. With less than 11 hours of direct flights and prices of less than 1000 USD, it is an obvious destination for a longer stay, not only during winter but also in the middle season. So Phuket covers more travel needs in the best possible way.

Phuket, Thailand Phuket, Thailand

Phuket’ s prime beaches, Thailand

A significant part of the yearly millions of visitors to Thailand land in Phuket. It has become almost homely after a couple travels to many of us, and there are many who travel to Thailand every year. It’s a safe “out-of-home” winter base.

What to see and do in Phuket

Yes there is a “party party” on the beach or near the beach every night and in town to start with, but there is also the more unknown Phuket, like the old town itself, and there is the jungle. And finally, the delicious, more private beaches you still can find and have almost to yourself. We take the jungle first in the civilized version, no machete knives necessary.

Gibbons phuket Thailand

Gibbons in Phuket Thailand, your little friend 🙂

The jungle of Phuket calls

Drive straight to Sirinat National Park, where one of two national parks in Phuket are located. It covers an eight-kilometer stretch along the north-western part of the island. The Mangrove Forests and the White Sai Kaew Beach to the North are definitely worth visiting.

Sirinat National Park Phuket Thailand

Sirinat National Park Phuket Thailand

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and houses many tourist attractions on the island and nearby islands. Sirinat National Park is an attraction in Phuket and protects a wide variety of animals and plants. Sirinat National Park was formerly known as Nai Yang National Park. It is the coastal national park in the northwestern part of Amphur Talang, Phuket. The purpose of this national park is to be a tourist attraction, but primarily to preserve natural resources, such as conifers, coral reefs, beaches and their residents as sea turtles laying their eggs in this protected reserve on the beach. The 13-kilometer long coastline in the national park covers many beautiful white sandy beaches. There are sparse forests, evergreen forests, mangrove forests, wildlife, marine life in the national park. It is the perfect place to experience and become more aware of plants and animals in Thailand.

Hermit crab i Sirinat National Park Phuket Thailand

Hermit crab in Sirinat National Park Phuket Thailand

The area near Phuket may be equally densely “populated”, with several of the largest resorts along the coastline. So you’re ready to drive a little longer? Instead, try Khao Phra Taew National Park on the other side of the island. There you will find some of Phuket’s’ last virgin rain forests and rich wildlife from deer to monkeys, including protected gibbons.

Layan beach thailand

Layan Beach, Thailand

Choose your beach vacation on Phuket

Layan Beach, located at the end of Bang Tao beach on the west side of the island, is quite popular: It is located pleasantly in the shelter of a large forest that goes right down to the beach and has lots of small, delicious private places. There you also found build-up shops and not so far from there the delicious Kata Noi Beach to the south. Do you want to go further this way, completely private?

Yon Beach Thailand

Yon Beach Thailand

Okay, it’s probably Ao Yon Beach you’re looking for: A little completely laid-back beach where you can find a hammock between coconut trees. Ao Yon Beach, all your own little paradise. See the map here in the article.

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Krabi, Thailand. Phi Phi Don, panormic view of the islands.

Krabi, Phi Phi Don, can’t get any more beautiful than this

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