St. Andrews golf course in Scotland

Golf breaks in Scotland are the most authentic golfing experience.

Golf breaks in Scotland are the most “back to the roots” golf vacation concept you can ever imagine. Scotland is the DNA of golf and the place where it all began. History and excitement bobble in your mind and body as you walk along the coast on one of the iconic golf courses: “Wow I am finally here!” The wind is moving the ball left to right and up and down and the wind is also moving you mentally. A formidable opponent, as if golf was not difficult enough to start with. Now you understand what links golf is. A golf course is never the same every day, it can change hour by hour.

And then there is the wind from the west and the sea, not so rarely

The wind coming in from the sea and the roar behind it affect your ability to execute your shots, and it makes you redefine and think: Should I be less ambitious, should I be bolder? Decisions, decisions. Do I have to master a low-flying Tiger Woods stinger, I can use at will? Or what other resources do I have in the bag? You know you can and must stay focused to end up with an acceptable score. Often is under 100 a victory. One day, par 3 holes play as par 4 or par 5 holes, but unfortunately rarely the other way around. It is no wonder that you probably take a Scottish beer or 2 and/or maybe a little whiskey after the round, simply to recalibrate (good excuse right?), and certainly while doing so, you will find new Scottish golfing friends for a night, a week or for life. They know exactly what you feel, as in “been there, done that – again and again”. And tomorrow there is a new day, a new course, and new challenges in the incredible home of golf, Scotland.

A group of players tee off at historic St. Andrews Golf Course, Scotland.

A group of players tees off at historic St. Andrews Golf Course, Scotland.

When did the golf game begin and why is it called “links courses”?

Golf started 600 years ago just along the sea with lots of dunes, it was sea links with the land, called “links lands”. It is usually a harsh landscape without cultivated agriculture, perhaps with grazing sheep and goats and lots of wind, and thus a considerable challenge. “On a windy day, as they say”. Today, the term is used a bit interchangeably also for inland links courses, etc. So here, 600 years ago, gentlemen and peasants alike walked the sandy shores and hit a small leather ball with handmade wooden clubs. They had to make something to relax and this was their choice.

Golf in Scotland St. Andrews

Golf in Scotland St. Andrews

No golf breaks in Scotland without St. Andrews, Home of golf

St. Andrews on the east coast of Scotland is the renowned golf club, we know from The Open and countless big tournaments. Here you have been playing golf ever since the 15th century. St. Andrews is much more than the famous Old course, besides being a university town. Old Course is typically the course that we know from the TV transmissions, It is 7 courses in total, and a couple of golf courses mare ore just around the corner. Then you want to make the most of your time and get some golf under the West, is not the worst place to go, more precisely to Edinburgh on the east coast of Five.

The-Old-Course-St-Andrews, the famous bridge at 18th.

The-Old-Course-St-Andrews, the famous bridge at 18th.

The-Old-Course-St-Andrews, the famous bridge at 18th. On your golf breaks to Scotland, you have to book this course months ahead

Here you get the real thing when we speak the path of the link. The wind plays with the sand at West Sands Beach. The castle course is situated on top of a cliff overlooking the small but beautiful town.

The old course starts right at the Royal and Ancient Golf Clubhouse, and course times are allocated partly by a few pre-orders and otherwise by draw 48 hours before you hop out. The course is famous and notorious for its blind holes and its bunkers as a painting scroll. are designated “Hell” and “The Coffins”. Then we know exactly what to expect down there in the bunker 🙂 The famous 17th and 18th holes go over the stone bridge called the “Swilcan Bridge” back to town.

St. Andrews golf clubhouse

St. Andrews golf clubhouse

Otherwise, a blessing awaits close to equally good, but not so famous golf courses with St. Andrew’s signature too. Among other things. New Course which is not so new even, namely from 1895.

You can stay pretty close to the course if you want to be able to walk to and from the 19th hole. Golf in Scotland can also be quite easy.

St. Andrew’s website

Green fees typically cost from Euros 100 to  200. Book on the link above, but you must book months early to play the old course.

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