Kayak excursion in the mangrove outside of Singapore. Dugongs included.

Singapore kayak trip?

How about a Singapore kayak trip instead of the usual city tours? It is our suggestion for you who have traveled to the country and are a little tired of seeing only big city landscapes or just want a nature experience and some not too strenuous exercise in the fresh air.
Ask anyone visiting Singapore and the surrounding area. They expect to see Katong Laksa, Marina Bay Sands or Singapore Zoo. These are some of several classics. You should do that too. In addition, you have to try local food, but we will claim that it doesn’t even scratch the surface of a myriad of possible experiences:) but you have to look at the options a little differently, be a little adventurous!


Here’s the first tip “Singapore Kayak Trip”. A kayak trip in Singapore? Really? Quietly glide through the clean water and enjoy the mangrove landscape, reminiscent of the Mississippi. Hear the tropical birds greet you. Can be either in the mangrove landscape at Khatib Bongsu to the north or in Pulau Ubin towards the island with a backdrop of the most beautiful subtropical landscape. Here you see the original landscape of Singapore before, and it is still close to the center. There are also exciting wildlife, not crocodiles, etc. but lots of birds and “dugongs which are a fantastic animal, are also found in Florida, for example. The Dugong is a large marine mammal belonging to the order” search islands “. However, only in Pulau Ubin, they live on seagrass and are completely harmless Dugong is the only living representative of the once so numerous family represented.

ubin-singapore-kayak excursion

After 1/2 day of kayaking for two, you have had your fresh air and exercise and rather likely now ready to return to the city and choose one of the 24,000 dining options with a good appetite.

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